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How to teach your puppy have dry food

Dry pet food are convenient and easy to use. Manufacturers of feed premium and super-premium offer a wide range of specialized diets. But even the most good and high-quality puppy food should be translated gradually over five to seven days.

How to teach your puppy have dry food

Instruction how to train a puppy have dry food

Step 1:

On the first day the share of dry food should not exceed one-fifth of the daily diet of a puppy. Give your puppy to try a new food, and the rest is mixed in a conventional food. Observe the puppy. When allergic reactions (itching, reddening of the ears of the skin between the fingers, and so on), the transition to a new food should be discontinued.

accustom kittens to dry feed

Step 2:

On the second day, you can reduce the proportion of normal diet, and add the dry food in the morning and evening feeding. If this is caused indigestion, move to a new food should be careful, if any, for the time to abandon the idea.

How to teach your cat to dry food?

Step 3:

On the third day completely replace one of the feeds on a third of the daily food norms. Best of all, if it is morning or afternoon feeding.

How to teach a kitten food has

Step 4:

On the fourth or fifth day, you can gradually exclude the old food from the diet. Watch closely to ensure that the puppy has always been freely available fresh drinking water. Try not to exceed the daily rate of the issuance of feed (table rules are usually to be found on the packaging with the food).

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