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How to train a puppy

Every owner wants to learn and grow-mannered and obedient dog. To fulfill all your pet the team with a great desire and joy to make learning exciting and interesting pastime for him.

How to train a puppy

You will need:

a treat for your pet

Instruction how to train a puppy

Step 1:

The first thing you must learn the puppy - it's his nickname. The dog should know your name. As she begins to respond to it, it should not be anything to teach.

Step 2:

Education should begin with the command "To me". It is most important for the dog. At the approach to the puppy owner should always be taken only with positive feelings. Team "To me," teach your puppy is very simple. When you beckon to her puppy, try speaking this command, for example: "Jack, to me!". To the puppy came quickly caught his attention, for it is possible to clap their hands or tapping the floor.

Step 3:

To accustom the puppy to a leash and out for a walk follows the course of all the necessary vaccinations. Pick up collar soft leather, its width should be 2-2.5 cm. Leash is better to buy a long leather. First, put the collar on your puppy and leave it until the evening. Then you can fasten the leash and go for a walk. Go in the direction in which you want a puppy, but not you. Never pull on the leash and pull it - this can result in a negative perception of the collar and leash and lead to injury. Pet eventually get used to the leash and will take it as a signal to walk.

Step 4:

Now to move on to "Next" team teaching. Accustomed to it is very difficult, especially for inexperienced dog owners. On the walk, when the oncoming puppy, take him by the leash. Keep it on the left side of his own. In his right hand holding a treat or favorite toy. Begin the movement, and hold a treat at the level at which the puppy has to go and repeat the command "Next". In no case do not pull on the leash, the pet has to go himself. If the dog at least a few meters passed correctly, praise him and give treats. Trying not to overwork a puppy, try again. After a few days start to go without treats. Do not forget to praise him if he does everything right. Do not get angry and do not scold your pet, if it does not work. After a few days of training, he learns.

Step 5:

Once the puppy is fully mastered the command "Next" go to "sit" command training. After the pet will give the command "Next", walk a few meters and stop. Show the puppy a treat and hold it over your head so that he sat down, and the say the command "Sit". As soon as he sits, praise him and give treats. Repeat 3-4 times. In the next lesson, get along without the goodies. After mastering this command while walking, start to practice it without the "Close" command. To do this, call your puppy to her and say "sit". Perhaps the dog sits down immediately, if it does not help him, holding up a treat over his head. Repeat several times to treat, and then - without it. Over time, the pet learns the command, and it will implement it in any way.

Step 6:

To train your puppy command "Down", take a treat in your right hand and place it on the left shoulder blade pet and hold down a treat so that the puppy lay down, at the same time, try speaking the command "Down". The dog should be on your left. Do not press down on the puppy back and do not force him to lie. When the pet will fall, it will last a few seconds in this position, without moving his hand with refreshments. Then give it a treat and praise the puppy. To consolidate the results, repeat these steps several times.

Step 7:

In "Stand" puppy training team should be in a supine or sitting position on your left. Treats take the right hand, and put under the pet's stomach left. bring your meal to the dogs nose, talked for the command "Stand" and pick up the meal up and forward so that the puppy got. Repeat these steps until you get the result.