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How to train Shepherd

Anyone who takes home a big dog, should well understand that his pet will require at least a basic canine training. This is easily explained, as the shepherd requires special treatment, it can be intelligent and obedient animals in good hands. At the same time, with the negligent handling of such a pet, any shepherd dog can turn into a dangerous and uncontrolled beast that represents a threat to the people around them. So, what should be done with a small puppy, who went to the caring and attentive owner?

How to train Shepherd

Instruction how to coach Shepherd

Step 1:

From an early age, puppies need to move a lot, let baby longer to run and frolic on the walk. Of course, it is not necessary to bring up the fact that he would collapse from exhaustion. The most useful walks can be outdoor games with its owner. In this case the person to establish contact with the new pet puppy and provide more traffic.

Step 2:

With four months the grown puppy can teach to a leash. Learn how to keep it so that the pet can be freely before him. For Shepherd harness is not used because it leaves the free dog elbows. From the same period, the dog should be accustomed to the simplest commands: "Forward", "Work", "Lynx". Loads should not be long-lasting, up to six months will be enough five minutes of training.

Step 3:

Up to six months accustom the dog to the examination of the teeth and a calm response to this action master. With six months of a puppy is ready to undergo the common canine training. From the outset, he learns commands: "Sit", "Down", "Stand". In addition, it is important to teach your puppy obedience. If you do not begin to develop an excerpt from that age, then do it will be very difficult.

Step 4:

Gradually, other than simple commands, you can start walking on the beam, to overcome small obstacles. Ideally, a small puppy sheep dogs must train even in the water, swimming develops the muscles of the back and chest. In winter, the dog must be run through the snow, in the summer on the gravel and sand.

Step 5:

You can not put a pet on the topic, until he was six years old. Otherwise it will hurt his psyche. Such training must necessarily engage the decoy in a special suit temper.

Step 6:

More serious load Shepherd should receive after ten months. During this period, its primary physical formation is almost over. You can teach your dog run trot long distances (the road should not be asphalt).