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How to train your bird

In your house there was a winged inhabitant? Do not rush immediately to tame it to the hands, the birds - very fine establishment, and they need time to get used to the new place.

How to train your bird

Instruction how to tame a bird

Step 1:

In order to reduce the stress of transport, a new pet should be transported in a closed carrying with good ventilation. Be prepared for a bird cage, carefully pour the food and pour fresh waters. Carefully remove the bird from the carry and transplant the cell.

tame birds sit in a cage

Step 2:

The first few days the bird will adapt to the new conditions of life. During this period, it is not necessary to worry. Place the cell so that it did not have access to other pet. Explain that the bird should get used to, so do not need to once again approach the cage, run around the room and scream loudly.

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Step 3:

Once the bird get your feet wet, you must regularly approach the cage, gently talking to the pet. You will see when the bird ceases to be afraid and showing interest to you, then you can try to open the cage door and offer a treat with the new settler hands.

how to teach pekunёnka (blue)?

Step 4:

Birds - very shy creatures, so the first time they are unlikely to take a treat with it. You must be patient and try to treat the bird regularly.

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Step 5:

When the bird pecked the treat, then next time try to put the treat on your palm. To get it, your bird will have to sit on your fingers. At this time, try not to make sudden movements and constantly gently talk to the pet.

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Step 6:

When the bird starts to freely eat at your fingertips, you can try to feed it out of the cell. To do this, lean the hand to the door. Perhaps the bird will want to inspect the room. Plant it back, you can by using treats or food, poured into the trough.