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How to transport a dog in an airplane

That's the long-awaited vacation. Sea, sun and sand already daydreaming. The mood is excellent, suitcases. That's just what to do with your favorite dog? Do not leave it in the care of neighbors. If you do not want to part with the four-legged member of the family, you have to tinker a bit with the paperwork and take the time to clarify the conditions of carriage of the dog on the plane.

How to transport a dog in an airplane

Instruction how to transport a dog in an airplane

Step 1:

To begin, find out which airlines allow the transport of animals and what their conditions are.

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Step 2:

Then be engaged in registration of documents on the dog. You will need a veterinary certificate, proof of the dog's condition, you can get at any veterinary clinic. Help is valid for three days, so take it in the least, otherwise it will lose its validity before departure. Also need a certificate that the dog is not an instance representing the breeding value. Such certificates issued clubs SCOR and RCF.

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Step 3:

Book your airline container (box) for a dog. If they do not have the right size, buy or make it yourself, but in strict accordance with the requirements of the carrier.

How to transport a dog in an airplane

Step 4:

It would be better if this box will have you home. At least a few days before departure every day teach the dog to be in this box. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time of your stay in the box. Do not forget to praise the dog and encourage delicacies. The container should match the size of the animal: the height it should be 10 cm above the dog's head, the width and length should be such that the dog can freely unfold it and lay down, stretching his legs.

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Step 5:

Take care of the presence of water for drinking boxing. It is better, if it is attached to the wall of the container drinker.

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Step 6:

Prepare in advance the collar, muzzle, leash. If your dog likes to play with a certain toy, take it and then to put in the box. Muzzle use only at the airport, be sure to remove it after the dog was placed in a container. Do not fasten the dog leash to the container.

Step 7:

Hang on a container plate with the name of the animal and your contact details.

Step 8:

Make sure that the bottom of the container and covered with waterproof material to absorb water.

Step 9:

Departure day is good walk the dog, will be even better if it's a bit tired, then it will be on the plane to sleep longer.

Step 10:

Do not feed your dog the day before departure.

Step 11:

Go to the airport much earlier than the due date, because you need all the time to check and approval. In addition, the airline may be a limit on the number of animals that can be carried in the aircraft at a time. It is best if you first.

Step 12:

Find out whether it is possible to transport a dog in the cabin. If this is not allowed, you must ensure that the cargo bay, which will put a dog heated.

Step 13:

Remind once more representative of the airline that the plane will fly a dog, ask him to make sure that the cargo hold is really heated, the dog will be in the best possible conditions.

Step 14:

Ask a representative of the company or members of the crew, whether the interior communicates with the aircraft cargo compartment. If so, use this chance to visit the dog at the time of the flight, but first agree it with the staff.