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How to transport the fish

Sometimes aquarium fish have to be transported: when buying a pet shop, when you move, when catch exotic fish in another country. So they arrived safe and sound, you need to create comfortable conditions for travel.

How to transport the fish

You will need:

- Containers for transportation (pack, bank, plastic box); - Balloon with oxygen (for the second and third paragraph); - Compressor on battery.

Instruction how to transport fish

Step 1:

When transporting fish at close range you need only a suitable container. At the pet store selling compact packages, special hermetically sealed jars and boxes of various sizes. The ratio of water and air in the vessel may be from 1: 1 to 1: 3. Most pet stores are added instead of oxygen in the air, but during transport over short distances is not fundamentally. The most important thing when transporting fish - do not expose them to thermal shock. The sharp drop in the temperature of 4 degrees in any direction can be fatal. So winter is better to transport container with a fish in his bosom, or in a heated transport, and in the heat - Protect from direct sunlight and use an air-conditioned vehicle.

tank transport

Step 2:

Transportation over long distances is much more difficult. In this case, as the need may be less tight fit, and the ratio of water and gas in the container should be at least 1: 2 and the air to be enriched with oxygen. For some types of fish can be used pure oxygen. Before a long trip it is better not to feed the day as well-fed fish consume more oxygen than hungry, and produces more toxic waste products of water. Do not worry, hunger strike for a few days it will not hurt. In this case, as in any other, is also relevant to comply with the recommendations of the temperature regime.

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Step 3:

Sometimes there are situations that fish need to be transported over long distances with high density planting. In this case, their life is entirely up to you, as the supply of oxygen in the tank is over after about 4-5 hours. After this time, you need to start a package / open the container, put the nebulizer to the compressor and turn it on. Make sure that the flow of air bubbles was not too strong, otherwise the fish are frightened and even die from the shock. In long journey can take breaks in the aeration somewhere in 2 hours or 4-5 when injecting oxygen into the container. This is very useful, because left unattended an open container of fish in a moving truck can not.