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How to treat a budgerigar

Wavy parrot - quite fragile and delicate creatures. To protect them from disease, obey the rules of care and feeding. But what do you do if your parrot still sick? Let us consider the most common symptoms of diseases.

How to treat a budgerigar

Instruction how to treat budgerigar

Step 1:

If the parrot has become a bad sleep, constantly sat hunched, continually observed the urge to defecation, most likely, there was a blockage of the intestine. The reason for this could be the wrong food too greasy food, poor quality food. To help your favorite, add it in the diet of greens, previously finely sliced ​​it. It is also very useful to provide the bird with a pipette a few drops of castor oil.

Step 2:

If the parrot often defecates and watery, do not let food greens. The food must be added rice porridge or rice water, and water to give only boiled, add a little potassium permanganate until a pale pink color of the solution.

Step 3:

If a parrot appear eye discharge with an admixture of pus, there is swelling and redness of the eyelids, which means that your feathered friend is suffering from beriberi. As treatment use food rich in vitamins: germinated wheat, egg yolk, greens, fish oil, grated carrots.

Step 4:

If a parrot there are dry crust of gray-yellowish color, it is the first sign of uric acid diathesis. To save the bird from this disease, as a drink, let's mineral water, make food more rich in proteins and vitamins.

Step 5:

If the bird is too long claws and beak, carefully trim them with sharp scissors, being careful not to damage the blood vessels. To this did not happen, add to the diet of fresh parrot branches of trees and shrubs, such as linden and rowan to grind your own parrot's beak.

Step 6:

If there is a loss of parrot feathers, reduced weight and inflammation of the eyes, it means that the tail struck by parasites, lice. Help may be a dry powder of chamomile. Gently rub it in plumage or make cold lotions from broth.

Step 7:

Sponge gray growths around the beak may be caused by mites attack. Disinfect the cage and the bird's beak treat Peruvian balsam.