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How to treat diarrhea in parrot

Diarrhea at home parrot may be the result of disease, an unbalanced diet and some other reasons. They should be installed in any case - this largely depends on the treatment of your feathered friend.

How to treat diarrhea in parrot

Instruction how to treat diarrhea in parrot

Step 1:

First, carefully review the nature of the bird droppings - which it has a color and as a liquid. If possible, take a photo and go to a consultation with a specialist. You need a very detailed outline the symptoms and possible causes of its manifestations.

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Step 2:

Specialists can be found not only in the veterinary hospital. Good tips and advice doctors give today and specialized Internet forums. If they suspect something serious or not be able to help you in absentia, be sure to tell where and who to contact. Self-medication is better not to do.

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Step 3:

Before receiving specialist Prove pet first aid. First of all, we should ensure parrots heat, as any disease of poultry body begins to actively spend. To do this, set the lamp power from 40 watts to 60 under the cell bottom at a distance of about one and a half meters away from him. Warming up is carried out daily for two to three hours. The exception is when the litter visible blood.

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Step 4:

Treat diarrhea at the parrot can be a variety of drugs. For example, add water bowl in an immunomodulatory agent "Gamavit" - by ½ ml per 50 ml of drinking water. Often, it's just buried in the beak of four or five drops daily. The whole course of treatment "Gamavitom" is approximately seven days.

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Step 5:

Try using a dry bacteria, which are sold in veterinary pharmacies. For example, a good remedy is "Vetom 1.1". Parrot let drug twice a day by adding one drop of the drinking water. Rate is calculated for seven days.

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