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How to treat mastitis in dogs

If the dog has a so-called false pregnancy or you have taken away too early puppies from her breasts, then because of an overabundance of milk in your beloved girls may develop mastitis - inflammation of the mammary glands. What are the preventive measures necessary to prevent this disease? And how to treat the dog in case of illness?

How to treat mastitis in dogs

Instruction how to treat mastitis in dogs

Step 1:

To prevent mastitis, which usually begins to develop within 60 days after the sexual cycle is not ended fertilization (ie, after the false pregnancy), grease nipples 1 dog once a day camphor oil immediately after estrus within 3-4 days. Tight bandage nipples.

Chihuahua hua cleaning anusnyh glands

Step 2:

Inspect daily whelp dog. If the puppies are weak to suck all the milk, apply them to the various teats, the milk does not stagnate.

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Step 3:

And then the true and false pregnancy after timely treat wounds and cracks on the nipples.

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Step 4:

Take the dog massage with vegetable (preferably olive) oil, and gently express milk. If the nipple swells, gently wipe it with soapy water and then brush with antiseptic ointment.

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Step 5:

In all the time of lactation do not let the dog feeding milk, limit her drinking.

Step 6:

Regularly features lactating, in the absence of fertilization, the vet dog. If you do not plan in the future to breed puppies, then, without waiting for the first heat, sterilize it.

Step 7:

If prevention is not possible, the dog was lethargic, she developed fever and nipple seemed watery discharge or pus with blood, should immediately take it to the vet appointment or call him at home. Puppies should immediately wean.

Step 8:

If your doctor has prescribed therapeutic treatment (antibiotics, anesthetics, anti-inflammatories, and antipyretics), follow all recommendations, do not remove the protective blanket with a dog.

Step 9:

In the case of the dog purulent mastitis treatment is best done directly in hospital (at least the first few days), since in modern apartment not always possible to meet all the conditions of sterility. If the hospital does not have a hospital, the daily call a doctor at home, so that he could carry out the necessary therapeutic measures properly and in case of deterioration, promptly correct course of treatment.

Step 10:

In that case, if the disease has gone too far, or in the absence of positive dynamics in the course of the disease, doctors are preparing the dog (and its owners) for the operation, during which will be opened ulcers, or if the dog for more than 6 years old, removed the affected mammary gland.