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How to trim a cat's claws

Often to the owners of domestic cats there is a question: whether it is necessary to cut your pet's claws? Many do not want to do it out of fear cause the cat pain. And in general, in the nature of an animal claws because nobody cuts. Yes, wild cats is not necessary. Claws they grind themselves, naturally. But if we talk about home, such a procedure they need.

How to trim a cat's claws

You will need:

- kogterezki or trim; - Tonic; - hydrogen peroxide; - A clean cloth; - Talc.

Instruction how to trim a cat's claws

Step 1:

Domestic cats are inactive, rarely on the street. This leads to the fact that their claws are not worn down, become too long and may even twist and stick into the finger pad.

Step 2:

Claws of cats do not cut "the roots". They have a sensitive area with nerve endings and blood vessels. If your pet's nails bright, you can easily notice it. It has a pink color. Trim the nail should be departing from it by 2 mm. Otherwise, you will cause the cat pain. Perhaps the open bleeding.

Step 3:

For shearing claws used special tools - kogterezki or trimmer guillotine. Use for this purpose their nail clippers are not worth it. In addition, they may slip and injure your pet's paw. A properly cropped claw can exfoliate. It will take as a tonic to wipe them before shearing.

Step 4:

Cats do not like haircuts procedure. It is best to accustom them to it from an early age. Seat animal on his knees with his back to her, so that you feel comfortable. Hold the elbow. Wipe each claw tonic. Hold the cat by the paw, gently press down on your thumb joint to show the claw.

Step 5:

Look-through it to determine where the blood vessel ends. If a cat's claws are dark, and consider something hard, you better cut quite a bit, so as not to damage the sensitive area. To cut should be from top to bottom. The tool must be positioned perpendicular to the claw, so that he does not exfoliate.

Step 6:

After the haircut trim the claws nail file and treat with hydrogen peroxide. Treat your pitomitsy some realties delicacy. If you still have touched a vessel and started bleeding, apply a clean cloth and then sprinkle with talcum powder. Grooming claws should become a regular procedure, but not too often - 1 time in 2 weeks is enough.