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How to wash a cat

Saliva has special cats antiseptic substances with which they washed their fur with harmful bacteria and dust. But wash away all the dirt of any cat can not do. So sometimes you need to bathe your pet. Few cats love to bathe, so swimming is transformed into a kind of ritual, which often involved the entire family. Just get ready to hear a storm of indignation cat in his address.

How to wash a cat

You will need:

Zoo shampoo, bath, towels, hair dryer.

Instruction how to wash a cat

Step 1:

Frequent washing will not benefit your cat, so it is only available for the necessary indications. It is the presence of fleas and other parasites, or very polluted fur. The upcoming exhibition can also be an occasion for washing.

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Step 2:

A cat can not be washed "human" shampoo, as in humans and cats different acid-base balance of the skin. Shampoo for people you only hurt your pet. Therefore it is necessary to buy a special shampoo for cats. In pet stores their huge amount, and they differ by vendor, purpose (for fleas for cats) and type of wool. For long-haired perfect shampoo with the addition of balm. They help get rid of tangles, align hair and have antistatic effect for a long time. For short-haired cats fit the usual shampoo, which will give the coat shiny and silky. Wool "dlinnosherstok" It requires more careful care and daily brushing.

How to wash a cat

Step 3:

Bathe your cat should be after 4 hours after eating. Keep calm, do not let the cat in question today and feel the unusual upcoming bathing. Barely catching your mood, the cat climb a long time under the cabinet or sofa.

carrying the cat with his own hands

Step 4:

The water in the bath is necessary to pour in advance centimeters by 15. The water temperature should be 25-30 degrees. Prepare everything you need and be sure to get an assistant, since "furious" animals not cope alone. With regard to fixing "patient" there is no single opinion. Who else will adapt. Alternatively, one man holding a cat by the scruff of the neck and legs, and you lather. The more helpers - the easier. But here's who they will allow the bathroom size.

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Step 5:

Lather the animal, avoiding the ears, eyes and nose. Lather need from ears to tail. Next, turn on the shower very thin stream, and begin to wash off the foam from the neck, moving towards the tail. Pay special attention to the paws and belly. The faster you do it, the easier it is for you and your cat.

prepare a cat for the move

Step 6:

Once done rinse shampoo, spend hands on wet hair to remove excess water. Then immediately screw the pet in a towel, as cats are extremely sensitive to any hypothermia.

Step 7:

Some cats are experiencing is quite normal drying hairdryer. Unfortunately, a minority, but the risk is worth it. If the drying procedure is not successful, then turn on the heater or put the cat to the battery. The main thing is to close all the windows, so there was one option skvoznyakov.Esche blow-drying, Put the cat in portability and turn the dryer on minimum power. But remember, hair cat no less terrible than the washing process, so watch out feline heart.