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How to water the guinea pig

Guinea pigs - it is very funny animals. They do not produce a lot of noise, so they often buy small children. However, like other pets, guinea pigs requires proper care. One of the components of the health of these animals is fresh water. Treat for the guinea pig it is necessary.

How to water the guinea pig

Instruction how to water the guinea pig

Step 1:

Guinea pigs, scientists attributed to the order of rodents. However, unlike the latter, they can not remain for a long time without water. If you want your pig was healthy and fun, pre-think over this issue and buy a special water bottle.

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Step 2:

The drinker is a device equipped with a special tip. It is here fed water after passed through the filter. The device also has a special attachment. Place the trough so that the guinea pig could approach it without difficulty. If you occasionally release their pet for a walk around the room, move the water bottle and attach it to the outer side of the cage.

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Step 3:

Be sure to watch for the state of the water. Guinea pig drinking a lot, but she needs a fresh water. Otherwise, the animal may be ill. Remember that the animal will not be able to let you know when the water drinkers in the end, or when it will become strange and unpleasant taste.

video about guinea pigs when they moeyut

Step 4:

Particularly important the presence of water in the cell during the adaptation period a guinea pig to a new place. When you just bought a pet, be sure to give him all the best conditions: put the water bottle, put food, distribute the hay where the animal can hide.

samochki guinea pigs do not get along in the same cell began to bite

Step 5:

Also in the guinea pig life may come a time when due to health problems the animal almost do not eat or drink. In no case do not let it take its course, as for your pet hunger means death. In most cases, such an exacerbation occur during the transition in the spring and summer and autumn into winter. You have to go his own guinea pig. To do this, prepare a special sauce of lettuce, dry food and water. All this is carefully chop and let the animal in small portions using a syringe every 3-4 hours. Do not forget to water the guinea pig. But be careful - let small animal water can be between and not during feeding.

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