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How to wean adult dog poo home

Obedient and bred dog - a great joy for the host, for which there is hard work. One of the most important rules that must absorb the dog, who lives in the apartment - this is what your doing "affairs" it is necessary only on the street. It happens that the small puppies can not stand up to regular walking, but what do you do when an adult dog leaves puddles around the house?

How to wean adult dog poo home

Instruction how to wean adult dog poo home

Step 1:

Different dogs need different amounts of rides. One dog is feeling well, go outside twice a day, on the other hand you can walk five times, and he will still urinate home. Nevertheless, it is quite possible that your dog is not satisfied with the amount of walking. Try not to walk with the pet twice a day, and three, try at lunchtime to run home and bring the animal for at least five minutes. Expose the dog for a short time immediately after returning home from work, and then again - in the evening.

Step 2:

Urinating at home, so the dog can attract your attention. Perhaps it seems that you spend enough time at home and had little contact with her or she does not like that in the evening you close the bedroom, and she was forced to sit in the corridor. Pay more attention to the animal, play and talk with him.

Step 3:

If the dog refuses to go to the toilet on the street, but on arrival home makes a huge puddle, just walk with him a little longer. Stray too far from home and walk up until his bladder will not stand and the dog does not have to urinate in the street. Then do not forget to give the dog a treat and praise her. Good to be a walk in the company of other dogs. Dogs - pack animals. Seeing that the other dogs from your company labeled trees, your pet will not be able to stay on the sidelines.

Step 4:

Take your dog's education. If you have never taught the animal to obey you, then it is not going to listen to you now and will continue to shit where he pleases. Sign up for a general course of training - usually this is enough.

Step 5:

Many owners whose dog urinated home helped neutering their pets.

Step 6:

If, despite all your efforts, the dog continued to go to the toilet at home, show it to the vet. Thus it can manifest a number of diseases. If the physical condition of the dog all right, refer to the competent animal psychology, who will try to figure out what makes the house to urinate is your dog.