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How to wean biting York

Often, buying a small dog, people forget that it's still a dog, and neglect of the elementary training, considering that it is necessary only to large dogs. This approach to the decorative dogs often leads to aggressive behavior of these dogs - they start to bite. And Yorkshire Terriers are not isklyuchenie.Kak wean biting York? Above it is necessary to reflect and try to fix not only the benefit of ever bitten host, but also for the benefit of the most dogs.

How to wean biting York

You will need:

Toys, perseverance, patience

Instruction how to wean biting York

Step 1:

While still in his pack next to her mother surrounded by her siblings, puppies learn to fight for the leadership by growling, barking and biting. Getting to your family, the baby receives all of its members as a flock. He needs to find its place in the hierarchy of your "pack", which he does in the game biting you and your family members, checking your reaction. While the puppy is still small, it may seem funny biting. But when he grows up, it will begin to bite in earnest, that already stops bring you joy. Therefore, attempts to bite you or someone in your family are stopped immediately.

wean the dog biting

Step 2:

Playing each other puppies frequently cross the border and do not count because of their bite. If the puppy bite too hard or hurt, he abruptly and loudly vzvizgnet, move away from the abuser and for some time will not talk to him. Do the same when your little york bite you. Very vzvizgnite 15-20 minutes and try to ignore it. The same effect will make it, if you twist the newspaper and slap it on a table, wall or floor.

How to wean biting toy terrier

Step 3:

Turn your attention to the Yorkshire terrier on the game. At a time when your puppy tries to bite you, offer him instead of his hands any toy. Get that dog bites just a toy.

How to wean your dog to bite the hand

Step 4:

If all this does not help, go to the physical effects on your dog: - When your puppy bites, hold his hand fall lightly squeeze and tighten to the floor. - Take your puppy for withers and easy, but it is sensitive Rock the, feeding at the same time the command "Ugh!" Or "You can not!" A gruff voice.

ottuchitkrolika biting

Step 5:

If your Yorkie is not a puppy. When the dog tries to bite you, take her by the chest, turn back, flat on the floor and hold for as long as it does not cease to resist. Such a posture for a dog is a posture of submission. At that time, when the dog stopped squirming and trying to twist or bite you, it recognized the leadership you. This exercise should be repeated several times.

as a two-Shepherd schinka wean biting

Step 6:

The next way at first glance it may seem strange. But, believe me, it is very efficient with a dog of any age. Learn how to growl. That growl like a dog. When your Yorkie is trying to bite, take him by the mane, roar menacingly at him. ... In response to his attempts to bite, bite his ear or the tip of the nose, so that he was hurt. Usually the dog understand that doing something is not the first or the second time such a behavior.