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How to wean cat climb on the table

Cats - there is a direct, tables are a favorite place for recreation. In addition, on the table there is always something interesting to play, or the delicious food. Even if they know that the climb on the table is bad, it is still not restrain his curiosity in the absence of the owners. To wean cat climb on the table, you need to create in his mind a steady jerk, and not just make it clear that you do not like. Otherwise, the cat will continue to jump on the table, but only when you are not around.

How to wean cat climb on the table

Instruction how to wean cat climb on the table

Step 1:

More than anything, cats do not like strong smells. A great way to - to leave on the table orange peel, sprinkle a little perfume, you can put a cup in which tissues are deposited c drops of aromatic oils. The main thing that a pet by jumping on the table, did not feel comfortable there.

Step 2:

Cats love rustling things, but do not like the rustling of their issues at a time when they are trying to behave as quietly as possible. If you lay foil on the table - the cat will not be able to climb on the table unnoticed until you get home. Near the cat will remain on this unpleasant experience.

Step 3:

Sprayer - now your constant ally. Water - one of the most disliked cats phenomena. In the kitchen, at the table, always keep a spray bottle. Appearing home, found the cat on the scene of the crime? Immediately sprinkle with water! Côte remember than fraught with the sudden discovery.

Step 4:

Not everyone knows this, but cats do not like when they cry or when they are accountable. They may not understand the words, but the tone, let alone cry, understand perfectly - they are very unhappy people. Therefore, seeing the cat on the table, immediately yell at him. This shock cat will remember for a lifetime. If repeated several times - the effect is guaranteed. After removing the cat from the table, look him in the eye and severely chastised. You will see at once that the cat ashamed. Do not hurt the animal, and it will report. In general, animals are much better understand the intonation of human speech than slaps on the ears.

Step 5:

Cats - very agile creatures, and if somewhere on them or because of them something falls, they avoid this place. Put on the edge of a notebook or desktop thin book, so that the cat, leaping, dropped them. Maybe even the cat will be broken together with notebooks, which then fall on him. Home use light objects that the animal was not hurt.