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How to wean the rabbit gnaw wallpaper

Contained in the home often rabbits love to chew on the wallpaper, which, of course, do not like the owner. Wean your pet from this interesting lesson for him is possible, if time to identify and remove the causes of such behavior.

How to wean the rabbit gnaw wallpaper

Instruction how to wean the rabbit gnaw wallpaper

Step 1:

Rabbits lifelong grow teeth, while fast enough. Thus, in one year, they can add up to ten centimeters in length. Therefore, small rodents constantly grind their incisors, and the wallpaper - the first thing that comes their way.

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Step 2:

Regularly bring and dump them in a cage new dry twigs. When he again runs up against the wall, move your it. To enhance the effect, each time a loud clap your hands or raise your voice. Gradually, your pet develop into resistant reflex

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Step 3:

When the rabbit out of the cage release frolic in freedom around should be a lot of toys and other interesting items. They distract the animal from thinking about wrecking.

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Step 4:

If the rabbit continues to spoil the wallpaper, their smear rind of lemon, garlic or pepper. You can also soak in water pill levomitsitin and well lubricated. Your furry pet will always remember the smell and did not fit to the wall.

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Step 5:

Often, the cause is deficiency of phosphorus in the animal, and calcium. Therefore, review the animal diet and balance meals. Give him a variety of vegetables, herbs, hay. Let him eat a little more than before. But do not forget to watch carefully so it does not overeat and at the same time was full.

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Step 6:

At the bottom of the cage, place the mineral and chalky stones. They contain nutrients that are needed to rabbits. You can also be added to the drinking water for three to four drops of calcium gluconate daily.

Step 7:

Each pet requires an individual approach, which you constantly have to look for. If not - do not rush to despair. Continue to search for new methods, and soon the case necessarily successful.