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How warm the feet with mustard

Warming feet with mustard helps overcome the common cold, flu, sore throat and the common cold. Due to the warming and the local irritant effect of recovery is faster. For the procedure, you do not need anything special, just mustard and warm wool socks. And it is in almost every home, so that you can start the procedure.

How warm the feet with mustard

You will need:

- mustard powder; - hot water; - Wool, cotton socks; - Towel.

Instruction how warm the feet with mustard

Step 1:

Be prepared to provide everything you need to warm up "wet" method: hand basin, hot water, mustard powder, towel and warm wool socks. Pour the water into a container and dilute it with cold, the temperature should be such that can only tolerate your legs. Be careful, do not need to pour boiling water, you can get burned. Add one tablespoon of mustard topless in the water and gently stir.

Step 2:

Dip your feet in a basin of water and sit 15-30 minutes (as you can). Top best shelter blankets, so you will sweat, and accordingly, and recover. As the water cools, add hot, otherwise the effect will be weakened from the procedure.

Step 3:

Remove the legs from the basin and thoroughly towel dry. Immediately put on socks and lie down in bed. Warming up is best done at night, so you do not chill anywhere, because even the slightest breeze can cause a complication of the disease. If you have a high fever, then warm up the legs in such a way it is impossible, it can only go up.

Step 4:

If you do not want to warm your feet in the water, then pour in the mustard wool socks (1-2 hours. L.). At the foot wear thin cotton socks and wool top, which fill in the mustard. Walk to compress approximately 2-3 hours, and may a little longer, of course, if you do not feel discomfort. This option is warming the feet with mustard can be used even in the presence of heat.