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Interesting facts about fish

On the ground, there are many species of fish. In Russia, we are accustomed to their species of fish, which do not differ special skills and abilities. But throughout the world, there are such amazing fish, abilities which are staggering.

Interesting facts about fish

The fastest fish

Few people know that there is a fish that can compete with the speed of movement, even by the cheetah. Even the water it is not a hindrance. Indo-Pacific sailfish is able to reach speeds of about 109 kilometers per hour. In the United States conducted a special study, according to which this fish swam 91 meters in just 3 seconds.


Heating of the brain and eyes

Fish - a cold-blooded animals, but the swordfish has special bodies that warmed her eyes and the brain. The temperature of the fish eye can reach 30 degrees, and is twice as large ambient temperature water. Heated Eye improves vision of the fish and hunt small fish becomes more efficient.


Fish icefish

There is one and only in the world of fish, whose blood is transparent. The name of this fish mackerel icefish. This fish can breathe the skin and completely changed my metabolism.


Sea Horse

Besides the fact that this is the only fish that is able to move vertically, it also has a remarkable ability. Male seahorses may become pregnant and give birth to offspring.


Imperial Angel gets himself about five females. The most interesting thing is that if a male for some reason dies, one of the females takes his place, and changes sex.