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How To Cure A Dog From Distemper

How to cure a dog from distemper

Distemper - a viral disease, which, theoretically, can get sick dogs of any age, but most often it ill puppies under the age of one year. This is due to the immature immune systems, intensive growth, the change of teeth and many other factors. Carriers of the virus may be birds, other animals, insects,…

How To Celebrate The Birth Of A Cat

How to celebrate the birth of a cat

If you perceive your cat as a family member, the idea to organize a celebration in honor of his birthday seems to be quite natural. Of course, you can simply cover with a festive table and drink champagne to the health of a pet. But you can go the other way - and…

How To Display The Wool Of A Cat

How to display the wool of a cat

Cats - very clean establishment. When licking they invariably swallowed part of its wool. This usually does not cause problems in cats with short hair, but if your pitomitsy owner of a long coat, you need to take care of regular breeding fur from the stomach in order to avoid health problems.


How To Call British Cat

How to call British cat

British cats are becoming increasingly popular among animal lovers. Increasingly, they are buying these lovely creatures, similar to its plush fur bears. But British cat should be given an appropriate name, how to do it better?

Instruction how to call British cat

Step 1:

Invent the name of a British cat as a family, to be approved…

How To Fill The Dog'S Passport

How to fill the dog's passport

thoroughbred dog owner should know how to fill out the documents for the animal. A passport gives the right to participate in clubs, dog breeders and performance at various competitions.

Instruction how to fill the dog's passport

Step 1:

International veterinary passport - a document which should ideally have each animal, regardless of whether or not…

How To Reconcile The Two Cats

How to reconcile the two cats

The emergence of a new kitten may cause dissatisfaction among the people living in your house pets. Cats do not tolerate competition and can hurt the baby. Only from your correct behavior depends on the distribution of attention, whether they be friends or not.

Instruction how to reconcile the two cats

Step 1:

Adult cats easily…

How To Give A Cat A Medicine

How to give a cat a medicine

Cats rarely prescribing medication in the form of tablets or suspensions. But when diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, prevention or treatment of parasitic infestations need to give medication in this form.

Instruction how to give medicine to a cat

Step 1:

Not only a representative of the cat tribe tolerate violence on themselves. If you…

How To Accustom The Cat To The House

How to accustom the cat to the house

For favorite fluffy couch potato want to offer the best of everything. Toys, treats, your own cozy cottage. This new housing conservative cats often begin to ignore, preferring his favorite sofa. It is especially difficult to accustom to the house, if the pet is living with you for a long time, and a…

How To Teach A Cat To Go To The Toilet

How to teach a cat to go to the toilet

Cats can be trained to walk directly into the toilet. It will take some time - from several weeks to months. To start your cat should already be accustomed to the tray at least for the toilet. The basic idea is that the transplanted cats from the tray on the toilet…

How To Recognize The Floor Of The Rabbit

How to recognize the floor of the rabbit

Those planning to buy rabbits are kindly requested to learn how to determine the sex of the animals. Unfortunately, it happens that after the purchase of the female is a male or vice versa. To avoid such disappointments, learn how to determine the sex of rabbits on their own, without relying on the…

How To Build A Cage For Rats

How to build a cage for rats

It is known that rats - a very clever animal, probably why they are so popular as pets. When constructing new housing for a pet it is necessary to take into account that the rats are also very mobile animals, in addition, they need a little shelter, nest, where there will be a completely…

How Can I Make A Bird Feeder

How can I make a bird feeder

Feed the birds seeds in the parks - it is a noble cause. However, such "material" support from your side is required for many birds constantly, especially in winter and spring, when the food is so little. And here come to the aid of the feeder. You can cut out the usual feeder from…

How To Distinguish A Parrot Lovebird Male From Female

How to distinguish a parrot lovebird male from female

Parrots, lovebirds attract birdwatchers in their appearance and behavior: male and female pair pose only once and remain faithful to each other throughout their lives. In addition, they are visually similar enough, so wanting to get offspring often have questions relating to the sexual characteristics of the female and male.

Instruction how…

How To Tie Suit For Small Dog

How to tie suit for small dog

Small dogs often cold on the street and draw in the foot. If you decide to take care of that the favorite has always felt good, try to tie the overall dog.

You will need:

- thread; - The spokes; - Buttons; - tape measure.

Instruction how to tie a suit for a small dog


A Dog - Man'S Best Friend

A dog - man's best friend

The dog should be cherished by all people in the household, and if at least one object to start a dog, it would be better not to do so because the content in the dog's apartment accompanied by certain difficulties.

The hardest of all will be the owners of dogs of large, hounds and hunting…

Interesting Facts About Fish

Interesting facts about fish

On the ground, there are many species of fish. In Russia, we are accustomed to their species of fish, which do not differ special skills and abilities. But throughout the world, there are such amazing fish, abilities which are staggering.

The fastest fish

Few people know that there is a fish that can compete with the speed…

What Do You Call A Puppy Chihuahua

What do you call a puppy Chihuahua

Small, but surprisingly charming, wise and fearless - it's all about Chihuahuas. Cheerful disposition, heartwarming appearance and mischievous behavior this ensured lapdog universal love. Chihuahua is the most ancient breeds of dogs out of pocket, is considered even their extraterrestrial origin. Of course, this pet name must be chosen in consultation only with himself.…

How To Treat The Disease In The Animals Eyes

How to treat the disease in the animals eyes

The animals are quite common eye disease. They arise due to the action of various chemical, mechanical and physical injuries. Or develop in parasitic, infectious and non-communicable diseases. Early detection of the disease makes it possible to consult a veterinarian who will diagnose and prescribe the proper treatment.

You will need:

- antiseptics;…

How To Breed Shrimp

How to breed shrimp

Technology of breeding shrimp genera as Neocaridina and the Caridina, can be successfully applied to the crystals, bees, bumble bees, tiger, cherry and Caridina spp. green. But first you need to determine what you need to do.

You will need:

- aquarium; - Filter; - Plants for the aquarium; - Shrimp.

Instruction how to breed shrimp

Step 1:


Choosing A Dog: How To Do It Right

Choosing a dog: how to do it right

Choosing a dog - responsible action, because of your decision depends on who will live side by side with you for ten or fifteen years. Is your friend a stern guard, faithful companion or minion who love family members? Everything depends on you.

Instruction dog choice: how to make the right

Step 1:


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