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How To Go Abroad With The Animal

How to go abroad with the animal

It begins velvet season, and did not have time to relax in the summer go to warmer climes. Sometimes you have to take with you and our younger brothers. For each mill has its own restrictions on the import of animals, but should pay attention to the general rules.

You will need:

a pet passport.…

How To Make The Chickens Scurry

How to make the chickens scurry

Low egg laying hens often bothers the owners of private farms in the autumn-winter period. To hens raced consistently well at any time of the year, should provide them with proper maintenance and feeding.

You will need:

- additional lighting; - Vitamin and mineral supplements; - Sand; - Ash; - Shell; - Quartz or granite grit.…

What Do You Call A Canary

What do you call a canary

Man domesticated canaries about 500 years ago. Little yellow birds have become one of the most favorite and popular pets. They live in the home for 7-12 years, successfully breed and please their household voiced singing. If you decide to buy a canary in advance invent her sonorous name.

Instruction how to call a canary


How To Remove The Smell Of A Cat

How to remove the smell of a cat

Pet cat brings not only joy and pleasure. Sometimes the owners have to deal with various problems. One of them - the elimination of odors from the cat.

Instruction how to remove the smell of cat

Step 1:

Remove any liquid (urine) with a paper towel or napkin. Then, immediately wipe place antibacterial agents.…

How To Teach A Hands Chinchilla

How to teach a hands chinchilla

Chinchilla - one of the most charming pets. It is larger than a hamster has absolutely stunning good looks and so soft and velvety to the touch, that will not leave anyone indifferent lover of animals. However, many amateur breeders are faced with the fact that the chinchilla is afraid of their new owners, and…

How To Change The Filter In The Aquarium

How to change the filter in the aquarium

The aquarium in the house - it's always a positive charge and a reason to forget about the problems and relax. Every experienced aquarist knows that to look at the bright tropical fish and swaying green algae is much nicer than in the grayness of houses and white snowdrifts. In order to keep…

How To Cut Your Pekingese

How to cut your Pekingese

Pekingese - one of the most popular dog breeds for home detention in urban apartments. His popularity Pekingese won thanks to its compact size and low weight, as well as the friendly nature and sociability. In addition, Pekingese do not require much exercise and long walks, so they can contain even pensioners and people with disabilities.…

How To Eliminate The Smell Of Cat

How to eliminate the smell of cat

Cats - lovely pets: quiet, affectionate, playful. How much joy and love bring us these four-legged pussies. However, there are often problems with the animals, one of which - the unpleasant odor.

Instruction how to destroy the cat's scent

Step 1:

If you are sheltered at home cat, the main task will be to teach…

How Do You Know That The Temperature Of A Cat

How do you know that the temperature of a cat

Symptoms of disease in domestic cats often manifest themselves differently than in humans. For example, it is difficult to understand whether there is an animal, it is the heat or normal temperature. Special methods are applicable to cats to identify this symptom.

You will need:

- thermometer; - Towel.

Instruction how to…

How To Drain The Tank

How to drain the tank

To refresh the water in the aquarium is not enough simply to merge the old and pour from the tap fresh. Over time, a special microclimate is formed in the container, because of the abrupt change in which the fish can get sick or die. If you do not want to hurt those who are so…

Why The Kitten'S Eyes Change Color

Why the kitten's eyes change color

The hosts, who brought a kitten for the first time are often surprised by the changes in the external form of a pet. It seems quite recently eyes were bright blue, and now changed to true feline green or amber. In fact, this phenomenon is quite understandable and clear.

The fact that the color of…

Why A Dog Whining

Why a dog whining

Little puppies whine because they miss their mother's warmth. And if a female is near, it is tries to surround kids care. When an adult dog whines, it is worth considering that it should be given more attention.

The neighbors complain that your pet whines when you are not home? Dog as a social animal, often yearns…

Why Did The Roosters Crow

Why did the roosters crow

As a child, many loved to ask questions about why the winter is cold, why rain is why the earth is round, and the water does not spill from it and, of course, receive answers to them. After all, most adults know their rate of school science. But the question of why the rooster crows, many…

How To Make Money On Dogs

How to make money on dogs

With the advent of expensive breeds of dog breeding of many of them for sale seen as a good source of income. In addition, the dog needs professional care.

Instruction on how to make dogs

Step 1:

Prepare a place for pets. Think about where they will sleep, where you will them to walk. Calculate all…

How Can You Call A Rabbit

How can you call a rabbit

If you are the owner of a decorative rabbit, one of the first tasks that you have to decide - to choose a name for your pet. You need to approach the matter responsibly, trying to pick up the animal's name, reflecting his personality and brings it to you and a good mood.

Instruction can…

As Called Lop-Eared Kitten

As called lop-eared kitten

You have acquired a little lop-eared kitten brought this furry lump of home and the excitement can not find his name. But both want to seal your name somehow in a special way! The name for the kitten, as the name for the person - is given once in a lifetime and forever.

Instruction how to call…

How To Treat A Runny Nose In Cats

How to treat a runny nose in cats

Runny nose - an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose in a cat. It can occur if your pitomitsy was a draft and hypothermia. It can also appear as a complication of infectious and non-communicable diseases.

Instruction how to treat the cat runny nose

Step 1:

For starters take a look at…

How To Transport A Dog Across The Border

How to transport a dog across the border

Often, people have to travel with their pets: when going on vacation, puppy purchase abroad, participation in exhibitions held in other countries. To the customs authorities did not have a question for you, kindly prepare all documents necessary for the transportation of dogs across the border.

You will need:

- veterinary certificate; - Veterinary…

How To Teach A

How to teach a dog team "lie"

Training dogs is not easy, long and requires patience and perseverance host. Once the pet master command "sit", you can go to learn the command "down".

Instruction how to teach a dog team "lie"

Step 1:

First of all, we must decide what position should be the dog when she lies. For home and hunting…

Distinguishing Floor In Guinea Pigs

Distinguishing floor in guinea pigs

You have decided to get a pet, and chose the guinea pig? It is incredibly quiet and funny furry animal that does not require special care and attention. However, when choosing an animal necessarily have a question: how to distinguish between sex guinea pigs?

Instruction how to distinguish gender in guinea pigs

Step 1:

First, you must…

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