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How Do I Know The Breed Hamster

How do I know the breed hamster

Purchase a hamster - it is wonderful. You bought at a pet store liked kid, brought it home, started to equip the home and store food for him. Well, if you know exactly what breed your new little friend, but what if you purchase this information no one said? What to feed him, how…

How To Teach An Adult Dog Teams

How to teach an adult dog teams

Of course, it is better if the dog training commands necessary skills and behavior occur at an early age. But even if untrained dog was in your house old enough, it does not mean that the training is not possible. In this case, the motivation for a treat or a toy does not always…

How To Feed And Care For Rabbits

How to feed and care for rabbits

Breeding rabbits - useful and fun. Everyone knows that on any creature it is necessary to look after and care. Caring for rabbits is easy. The main thing to follow a few basic rules: cleanliness in a cage, prosperity in nutrition and animal health.

You will need:

Cages for animals, equipment for cleaning cells, feeding,…

As Better Described As A Large Dog

As better described as a large dog

Choosing a name, a name for a dog is as important as it is for humans. The nickname and the dog must match. When you clearly understand that from a little clumsy fluffy lumps grow gorgeous handsome dog who can, standing on its hind legs, front put you on the shoulders, should be selected…

How Can I Keep The Cat

How can I keep the cat

When you first brought the cat, you must learn the basic rules of its maintenance, care and education. Follow them, and the life of your furry friend will be comfortable, welcoming and joyful.

You will need:

- Tray; - Filler; - Bowls; - cat food; - Scratching posts; - comb.

Instruction how to keep the cat


How To Get Rid Of Stray Dogs

How to get rid of stray dogs

Stray dogs - a real problem in big cities. Gathering in the pack, they are often attacked by cats, children, and sometimes just to passersby. Shooting and liberally sprinkled poison - a cruel temporary measure does not improve the situation,

Instruction how to get rid of stray dogs

Step 1:

Restrain the number of stray…

How To Deprive The Cat

How to deprive the cat

Ringworm - it is a serious disease caused by a fungus. In cats, it most commonly affects the skin and pass on their own, even without the use of drugs. However, the treated animal is still needed, particularly because of the risk of human infection. How to deprive the cat?

Instruction how to identify the cat…

How To Wean Adult Cat Mark

How to wean adult cat mark

Nature has created conquerors predators. Even a pet can not do anything with the instincts. In turn, the owners of this feature of feline behavior brings a lot of trouble and may even lead to a parting their favorite animals. To avoid this, a person needs to outwit the cat animal instinct.


Why cats…
How To Get Rid Of Tangles In The Cat

How to get rid of tangles in the cat

Fluffy the cat have a special charm. But caring for them need special to their pelt mats did not appear - the formation of the fallen and matted hair. In addition, the cat might swallow own wool during washing, which can lead to health problems. Be patient, be prepared for the fact…

How To Feed A Finger

How to feed a finger

If you have got at home a hamster or guinea pig, first instinct is often to take the animal in her arms, gently stroking and feeding exclusively with palms. But a small, funky new situation, small animal such behavior can not be very much. How to teach your baby to your hands and make sure that…

How To Equip The Terrarium

How to equip the terrarium

The terrarium is a container for the animals - insects, reptiles, amphibians and other invertebrates. Equip the terrarium is necessary, taking into account features of the natural habitat of its occupant.

You will need:

- Terrarium; - Soil - river sand, stones, earth, peat, sawdust, straw; - Ultraviolet, infrared lamps for reptiles; - Mat with electric heating,…

What If The Dog Does Not Eat

What if the dog does not eat

It happens that pet suddenly refuses food, paying no attention to the bowl of food, nor the sound of the refrigerator door. Then in front of the host raises the question why the dog does not eat, what to do and how dangerous it is?

First of all, once again look at what you…

How To Recognize The Gender Of A Parrot

How to recognize the gender of a parrot

Parrots tend to buy even at a young age, when the floor is quite difficult to establish. With age, the differences begin to manifest in external signs and behavior of birds. If you buy a pair of parrots, then you need to be able to accurately distinguish between males and females.

Instruction how…

How Warm The Feet With Mustard

How warm the feet with mustard

Warming feet with mustard helps overcome the common cold, flu, sore throat and the common cold. Due to the warming and the local irritant effect of recovery is faster. For the procedure, you do not need anything special, just mustard and warm wool socks. And it is in almost every home, so that you can…

How To Determine The Sex Of The Dog

How to determine the sex of the dog

Many prospective dog owners complain that it is difficult to determine the sex of puppies in the first weeks of their lives. To be sure to find out who your future pet - a boy or a girl, baby show veterinarian. Although cope on their own, using the traditional method of examination puppies,…

How To Train A Shar-Pei

How to train a Shar-Pei

Chinese shar pei - dog breed that attracts attention for its exotic appearance, which is characterized by a large number of wrinkles on the face, as well as the most interesting form of muzzle. This breed survives well in apartments and private homes. For the normal development of her need daily load, walking with jogging. For…

How To Survive The Death Of A Dog

How to survive the death of a dog

Unfortunately, the age of the animals, especially the traditional for our latitude cats and dogs, are much shorter than human - an average of 11-12 years. And then they die, leaving their owners alone. And, perhaps, the most difficult to survive the first few days after a pet's death.

Instruction how to survive…

Like Scratching Cats

Like scratching cats

Cats - this is probably the most neat and tidy establishment. Approximately 3-4 hours a day they spend only out to lick his fur coat. Cats do not do much to remove the dirt, how to get rid of the smell. However, your pet needs help. If you regularly comb the cat in the first place will protect…

How To Wean The Rabbit Gnaw Wallpaper

How to wean the rabbit gnaw wallpaper

Contained in the home often rabbits love to chew on the wallpaper, which, of course, do not like the owner. Wean your pet from this interesting lesson for him is possible, if time to identify and remove the causes of such behavior.

Instruction how to wean the rabbit gnaw wallpaper

Step 1:

Rabbits lifelong grow…

How Do You Know The Age Of The Cat

How do you know the age of the cat

Some owners are celebrating birthdays and remember their pets better than their date of birth. Others do not even know about the old age of your pet. This happens most often from the fact that the animal falls to the owner an adult. Check the age of the cat is not difficult,…

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