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How To Choose A Healthy Puppy

How to choose a healthy puppy

You have decided to get a dog! Now it is important to determine the breed of dog, it will solve a boy or a girl and, of course, not to be mistaken with the choice of the baby. Not so much this applies to the exterior, as the puppy's health.

Instruction how to choose a…

How To Feed Russian Spaniel

How to feed Russian spaniel

dog food - a pledge of her health. Your pet should be offered only healthy food, contributing to its development. To maintain Russian Spaniel in good shape is necessary to observe all the rules of feeding.

You will need:

- dry concentrated feed; - Canned food; - Beef; - Heads of chicken and duck; - Offal; -…

What To Look For When Choosing A Cow

What to look for when choosing a cow

Ever since antiquity went saying that the cow is poilitsey and family breadwinner. In rural areas, many cows kept in spite of the fact that any milk products can be purchased in the store. Animal products not only provides for his family, but also the profits from their sale, and every year brings…

How To Train Your Bird

How to train your bird

In your house there was a winged inhabitant? Do not rush immediately to tame it to the hands, the birds - very fine establishment, and they need time to get used to the new place.

Instruction how to tame a bird

Step 1:

In order to reduce the stress of transport, a new pet should be transported…

How To Keep The British-Kitten

How to keep the British-kitten

Before you take the kitten home, do you think, will be able to give him time, and most importantly - provide all the necessary. Purebreds finicky eating habits, require attention and good care. In return, you get a being who will love you faithfully and unselfishly.

Instruction how to keep the British-kitten

Step 1:

By the appearance…

How To Sew Shoes For Dogs

How to sew shoes for dogs

Dogs, especially small, smooth-haired puppies and breeds, need shoes for walking, exhibitions, even for the house; so as not to catch a cold, do not dirty paws, not hurt, and just look extravagant. The trouble is that many still consider clothes and shoes for pets are not a necessity and whim of the owners, a…

How To Bring Fleas In Dogs

How to bring fleas in dogs

All dog owners, no doubt, once faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, like fleas. Agile, small insects hosted in your pet's coat, bringing him discomfort. Your task - to help pet, sparing it from intruders.

Instruction how to bring fleas in dogs

Step 1:

At this point, in veterinary pharmacies are a lot of tools for removing…

How To Transport A Dog In An Airplane

How to transport a dog in an airplane

That's the long-awaited vacation. Sea, sun and sand already daydreaming. The mood is excellent, suitcases. That's just what to do with your favorite dog? Do not leave it in the care of neighbors. If you do not want to part with the four-legged member of the family, you have to tinker a bit…

How To Grow A Wolf

How to grow a wolf

Zoologists believe that the wolf canine intelligence above and orders in the pack can serve as an example for man. Of course, it is possible to grow a wolf in captivity. But what will happen to him then? Living in nature, it can not. He can not shoot, do not know how to build relationships with…

What Do You Call An Elephant

What do you call an elephant

Elephants do not keep the house in our latitudes, while in Africa or India, it is considered commonplace. Coming up with the name of the elephant usually have employees zoo. It is hard to imagine that someone settled at home is a huge animal and is now an urgent need to determine the choice of…

How To Feed The Asian Shepherd

How to feed the Asian Shepherd

Proper, balanced nutrition is very important to keep your dog's health, to keep it in good shape and always ready to work. Violation of the regime of feeding, malnutrition and feeding poor quality food leads to diseases, and sometimes to the death of the dog. So how do you feed the Asian shepherd dogs that…

How To Teach A Dog To Clothing

How to teach a dog to clothing

Some loving owners prefer to dress their pets in the latest fashion. A small dogs owners living in Russia it is altogether necessary, otherwise the risk of just animal winter. However, rare dog clothes carefully chosen her clothes be happy, but the majority is necessary to teach the patient.

You will need:

- goodies.


How To Raise A Rottweiler

How to raise a Rottweiler

Power, strength, self-confidence, glossy shiny, black as a raven wing hair and intelligent eyes - all this the Rottweiler. Today, this breed can be found quite often, their plants for protection of private areas, and as pets. However, in both cases from the early days you need to think about rottweiler breeding.

Instruction how to raise…

How To Find A Kitten

How to find a kitten

You have decided to get a kitten, but you find it difficult to choose the breed and sex of the animal? The article tells about how the kitten is optimal age to buy, when to exercise his vaccinations, and consider other aspects that need to pay attention to the acquisition of this remarkable creature.

Instruction how…

If The Cat Is Poisoned

If the cat is poisoned

Cats do not often suffer from food poisoning because they are pretty picky about food. Still, you should know what to do, if the cat is poisoned, the more that can be poisoned not only food, but also, for example, poisons from rodents or drugs.

If your pet is poisoned, he had a weakness, it is…

How To Display Goslings In The Incubator

How to display goslings in the incubator

Geese can be bought at the poultry farm or get a litter at home, using for hatching goose. But now all electrical incubators are used more often. Depending on the size you can get at one time a large young population.

For incubation, the eggs fit fresh goose. Particular attention should be paid to…

How To Train Stafford

How to train Stafford

American Staffordshire terrier - breed specifically bred as a fighting dog, which was used for baiting beast. Now these her specialty in the past and Amstaff - one of the best defenders of dogs. These dogs were selected on the basis of loyalty to the man, and have a high capacity for learning.

Instruction how to train…

How To Distinguish From Other Norwegian Cat

How to distinguish from other Norwegian cat

According to the history of the breed Norwegian cats, its representatives - are descendants of wild forest animals that lived in Norway, the characteristic features of which were agility, stamina, great adaptability to cold climates, as well as excellent hunting qualities. Today Norwegian cat - a domesticated animal that has preserved all the qualities…

What Immunizations Do Kittens

What immunizations do kittens

In your house there was a kitten, still quite small. It is important to properly care for it, feed it as useful as possible for food. You should also make sure that your pet have put all the necessary vaccinations on time.

Grafting kitten should be to ensure that his body got stronger and could eventually own…

How To Distinguish Shepherd Puppy

How to distinguish Shepherd puppy

There is a high demand for German Shepherds, who are renowned for their character and service qualities, increases the likelihood that you purchased in the age of two months would be an ordinary mongrel puppy or mestizo. Distinguish Shepherd puppy with a good pedigree you can on some external features and characteristics of the character.


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