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How To Determine When The Cat Gives Birth

How to determine when the cat gives birth

Owning a cat is pregnant to determine in advance when their favorite will give birth. The fact that pets sometimes need help man to produce offspring. The intervention of the host often allows even save the life of a kitten, especially if the cat gives birth for the first time or if it…

How To Cure The Hamster

How to cure the hamster

No living creature is immune from disease. Hamsters are no exception. In order if necessary to help your pet, it is necessary, at least to know how diseases affect these animals.

Instruction how to cure the hamster

Step 1:

If the cheek at the hamster something stuck or injure an animal that area, trying to shove some…

How To Knit A Sweater With The Dog Pattern

How to knit a sweater with the dog pattern

In the cold season, many pets do not like to go for a walk. This is especially true of small and medium-haired and bald rocks. These dogs are freezing strongly that as a result can lead to serious illness. Salvation in this situation would be knitted sweater. And make your dog stand…

How To Wash A Parrot Cage

How to wash a parrot cage

For the health of the birds living in captivity, required purity. Failure to comply with hygiene equipment and cell disease threatens development, the emergence of parasites, in severe cases - loss of birds. In addition to the current daily cleaning of litter and wash feeders and drinkers must be cleaned regularly and clean the cage…

How To Name Your Pet

How to name your pet

It is no exaggeration to say that now almost every family has a pet. When choosing a name for his move away from stereotypes and pick up for your little pet a fun, memorable and original nickname.

Instruction how to name your pet

Step 1:

Choose the name of a pet can be in his color. For…

How To Fill In The Veterinary Passport

How to fill in the veterinary passport

"Without paper - you're an insect," says well-known catch phrase. It can be applied in relation to cats and dogs, which also requires an identity document, ie the veterinary certificate, containing all the information about the animal.

Instruction how to fill in the veterinary passport

Step 1:

The passport may be required in the event…

How To Choose A Puppy Husky

How to choose a puppy Husky

Among dog owners, beginners and experienced, is gaining popularity is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, namely - Huskies. It is no coincidence, because in spite of its northern character, nice dog, and perhaps no one breed is not able to compete with them in kindness. That's just to buy the first got a…

What Do You Call A White Kitten - Boy

What do you call a white kitten - boy

If you need to give the nickname white male kitten and do not want to resort to the traditional "Snowball" and "Fluffy", you can stretch a little memory or dream.

Instruction how to call a white kitten - boy

Step 1:

Remember edible things white, their name can be used as nicknames kitten,…

How To Measure The Temperature Of The Kitten

How to measure the temperature of the kitten

As in humans, many of the disease in cats are accompanied by fever. Measure the temperature of the animal without the help of a veterinarian, at first glance, it is quite difficult. And to make it a little kitten, which is larger than the length of the thermometer only a few centimeters and…

How To Grow Horses

How to Grow horses

To grow a good horse, it takes a lot of effort. Patience in the education, attention and care, knowledge of the basic laws of development and growth of the animal - all that is necessary to ensure that the foal has become a strong, healthy and smart.

Instruction how to grow horses

Step 1:

Prepare a clean, dry…

How To Feed The Snails

How to feed the snails

Keep snails quite simple - they eat all the fresh and natural products, and especially love the greens. Also snails in large quantities need water, they need to be watered almost like flowers. Do not feed the food to the human cochlea table from that she can spoil the digestion.

Instruction how to feed snails

Step 1:…

What To Do When The Cat Sneezes

What to do when the cat sneezes

In cats, and all animals are the same health problems as humans. Maybe pneumonia, "cat flu" and even allergies. Sometimes owners may find that their beloved pet cat sneezes. How do you know that the cat is sick?

Why cat sneezes, it can only be understood carefully observe its appearance, well-being and behavior. The…

How To Trim The Claws Parrot

How to trim the claws parrot

Parrot - a bright, vociferous bird. Not bad taking root in the home and can become a true friend to you. However, to earn his trust, you have to work hard. Parrots, for that matter, many other pets, have their own characteristics, with which a person must be considered.

You will need:

- kogterezki or nail…

How To Iron A Parrot

How to iron a parrot

The need for touching, stroking may have not only people but also animals and birds. But if any pets like cats or dogs just love to caress, then you must first tame parrot.

You will need:

Parrots, feed.

Instruction how to iron a parrot

Step 1:

Parrots do not like to touch them, especially if you enter a…

How To Persuade My Mother To Puppy

How to persuade my mother to puppy

The animal in the house - a great responsibility. Therefore, we can understand many parents do not want to even start a guinea pig, not to mention the dog. But if the desire to have a puppy is very strong, you have to have a lot of bargaining chips to persuade parents to such…

How To Choose A Ferret

How to choose a ferret

To choose a ferret, you need to focus on a few highlights. First of all you should be interested in his behavior, appearance, character movements, as well as his mother's behavior. Only considering all these features, you'll find non-aggressive and able to get along with the person ferret.

Instruction how to choose a ferret

Step 1:


How To Deal With The Smell In The Aquarium

How to deal with the smell in the aquarium

Aquarium in the interior is an attractive and refined accessory. For it to really bring the joy of your presence, you need to constantly keep it in the proper form. Often, it can cause unpleasant smell. In order to eliminate it, it is necessary to change the water, thereby conducting the aquarium…

How To Wean Cat Scratching And Biting

How to wean cat scratching and biting

Plush baby, whom you have brought into the house, suddenly found himself biting monster with sharp claws? This often happens with kittens. Do not wait until it will pass by itself. It is better to start to take decisive action and gradually wean the kitten to bite and scratch.

Instruction how to wean cat…

How Do You Know The Age Of The Hamster

How do you know the age of the hamster

Hamsters - charming animals. They stir cute cheeks while eating, funny fuss you do not have palm and just love to run around the wheel and explore the outskirts of his house. But for anyone who is going to breed these wonderful animals, and for ordinary fans, it is useful to know…

How To Feed A Little Pig

How to feed a little pig

The proper feeding piglets depends on their successful growth and development. For feeding has its own rules and the table entry to the diet of the new feed. Fertilizing should be started when the baby is still in the mother. This will reduce the intense loss of body weight sows, piglets to teach independent food…

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