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How To Attach The Leash

How to attach the leash

About cats have long had the impression that they are walking on their own. Meanwhile, many owners of purebred animals do not want to let go of his favorites, the street unattended, and choose to walk them on a leash like a dog. The leash must correctly fasten, otherwise the cat will simply not wish to…

How To Educate Chow

How to educate Chow

Chow Chow - one of the oldest breeds of dogs. The origin of it belongs to the Spitz, but there is an assumption that the admixture of blood flowing Chow Tibetan mastiff. A dog can be a guard at the same time magnificent and beautiful nurse, who can be trusted with very young children. Mind and kindness,…

How To Treat A Cold Hamster

How to treat a cold hamster

To support the health of the hamster and prevent a cold is much easier than treating the disease your pet. If you follow all the rules, then your hamster will always be active and healthy into old age. At the first sign of a cold should be immediately engaged in its treatment.

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How To Determine That The Kitten Worms

How to determine that the kitten worms

Domestic cats often suffer from a variety of diseases. Before you visit the veterinarian, some diseases can be recognized on their own and try to ease the life of the animal. Worms or worms - parasites that are often found in cats. There are a number of grounds on which we can determine that…

As Called Lop-Eared Cat

As called lop-eared cat

Scottish Fold - very original cat. Touching dangling ears and large eyes give them a muzzle childish expression. This adult animal differs dense physique, strong bones and silky thick hair. Choosing a name for your pet, keep in mind all the features of his unusual appearance, color and character.

Instruction how to call lop-eared cat

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How To Care For Thai

How to care for Thai

Thai cat - very playful and mobile animals. They very quickly get used to his master and try to follow him everywhere. Thai cats are very smart and clever. They are very popular among people who can not imagine their life without cats. In addition to attention to the Thai cats require a very careful treatment…

How To Determine The Temperature In Cats

How to determine the temperature in cats

Sometimes cats behavior is the owner of some suspicion: if she was ill? Temperature measurement will make the right decision whether to call a veterinarian or is not worth it. The ability to measure the temperature in your pet is very important.

Instruction how to determine the temperature in cats

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If you feel…

How To Cook Lure

How to cook lure

Dogs and cats feeding their young with milk on average up to 2-2.5 months. However, at 3-4 week it is recommended to introduce solid foods as babies breast milk is not enough. Proper diet - the guarantee of health and normal development of the animal. However, little to choose the right products, you also need to be…

How To Raise A Cat

How to raise a cat

You are taken to a house pet - a kitten or an adult cat. In any case, that he was healthy and strong, and that you feel comfortable with to live, you need to feed it, to accustom to the toilet, to create favorable conditions for his life and to monitor the pet's health.

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How To Choose A Puppy Spaniel

How to choose a puppy spaniel

Spaniels are mobile, intelligent and really need to communicate with people. This is - hunting dogs. Any hunter knows that, in order to become a faithful companion dog in the hunt, you need to take a puppy from working producers. Dragged the puppy from parents with good inborn qualities - perseverance, intuition, the search speed…

How To Create A Horse

How to create a horse

Most of the people as a pet gets cats, dogs and hamsters, but not too small, and the owners of larger animals - such as horses. The content of the horse - expensive and responsible action, and if you decide to have a horse, you should take into account a number of features of this animal,…

How To Teach Your Cat To Go To The Toilet

How to teach your cat to go to the toilet

In the house there was a kitten? Do not forget as soon as will be the first wave of emotion, enthusiastic transmission of this furry lump purred hands and refreshments in the form of bowls with milk, to teach a kitten to the tray.

Instruction how to teach the cats to…

How To Train Cats

How to train cats

Cats are difficult to train. This does not mean that it is impossible to train them at all. Be patient, and you will teach your pet various tricks. Just do not forget that cats are willful, therefore forced to nothing lead.

Instruction how to train cats

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Begin to train a cat with very small age. To…

How To Feed Asians

How to feed Asians

Central Asian Shepherd Alabai - unpretentious dog food, but in a period of growth and growing puppies should get together with the food necessary for their development of the vitamins and minerals that formed the skeleton of a dog properly. Feed Asians is necessary in view of the characteristics of this breed.

Instruction how to feed Asians


How To Bring Down The Temperature Of The Dog

How to bring down the temperature of the dog

Raising the temperature of a dog it can be caused by both external factors (overheating of the animal in the sun) and internal (eg, infectious disease). Whatever the reason, it is essential to bring down the temperature of the dog as soon as possible, as the temperature is above 41,1oS leads to…

How To Raise Carp In Ponds

How to raise carp in ponds

Grow carp artificial way - quite workable deal, which can handle not only experienced, but beginners and breeders. Carp - unpretentious and omnivorous fish, it has a rapid growth and absolutely undemanding to environmental conditions.

Instruction how to grow carp in ponds

Step 1:

to consider forage, water quality and climate zone in which the farm…

How To Raise A Horse

How to raise a horse

Education of young horses that are important for the security of its owner, begin from the first day and continue throughout the dressage. To make it easy to react to the environment and is subject to the will of the rider, using a series of successive exercise, the purpose of which is to horse domestication to…

How To Clean A Horse

How to clean a horse

Horses have always been loyal assistants and reliable friends of man. Afford such an animal can not all, but horse riding in the equestrian club can practically everyone. In addition to riding a horse, the rider need to master the care of her, and including, need to learn how to clean a horse correctly.

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How To Check The Health Of The Cat Before You Buy

How to check the health of the cat before you buy

Cats are favorite pets. If you want to buy a cat, you need to pay attention to her health, regardless of whether or not a pedigreed cat. To avoid surprises later, should pay attention to many factors. Your new cat will likely be great if the following conditions are met.…

How To Cut Dog

How to cut dog

Every owner wants to see his little dog is not only healthy, but also a well-groomed. Dog grooming long-haired breeds, as well as exhibition hairstyles require professional intervention. But ordinary hygiene haircuts, under the power to make almost any loving dog lovers.

Hygienic haircut helps to keep your pet clean and tidy. It includes oyurabotku muzzle, eyebrows,…

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