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Stuffing For Discus: Cooking Basics

Stuffing for discus: Cooking basics

Discus are among the most beautiful aquarium fish. No wonder this kind is called "the king of the aquarium." Nutrition is the most important factor, which is crucial for growth, development, reproduction and health of the discus.

Power discus should be as balanced. Five components such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins that are…

How To Treat Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

How to treat feline lower urinary tract disease

Urolithiasis cats - one of the most complex and common diseases. It is important to look at the symptoms and start treatment, otherwise the consequences could be dire.

Instruction how to treat feline lower urinary tract disease

Step 1:

cat will follow behavior. The main symptom of urolithiasis - the sudden cessation of urination.…

How To Determine The Sex Of Mice

How to determine the sex of mice

Decorative mouse as a pet - not a bad option. To master the care of these small animals is not too difficult, and it takes a little space. Zoologists are advised to have at least a pair of same-sex animals, as they need in society. If you purchase the "boy" and "girl" that it…

How To Give A Liquid Paraffin Kitten

How to give a liquid paraffin kitten

Constipation - an insidious thing that affects not only people but also animals. And if the person to facilitate his fortune may still eat vegetables, sauerkraut and prunes, a cat, all these products are even forced to cram it is impossible. Veterinarians in such cases, liquid paraffin prescribed. But how to give him a…

How To Behave With A Dog

How to behave with a dog

The dog has always been considered the other person, but sometimes the animal is able to do unpredictable things. Dog brings a lot of joy into the house and becomes a real member of the family, but, unfortunately, not all pets owners know how to behave in a particular situation with an animal.

Instruction on…

How To Choose A Service Dog

How to choose a service dog

Service dogs, as opposed to hunting and decorative, different strength, muscularity, agility, endurance, unpretentiousness, and also have a great flair. They are distrustful of strangers, angry, brave, aggressive, loyal to his master and well trainable. The most common service breed - a German Shepherd, Doberman, Boxer, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer and the Airedale.

Instruction how to…

How To Withdraw From The Aquarium Snails

How to withdraw from the aquarium snails

Not all snails are equally useful for the aquarium. The spawning aquarium snails in general have nothing to do, they eat fish eggs and larvae. In general aquarium hordes of snails can destroy aquatic plants. The most common problem for the aquarist is the rapid multiplication of the red horn coil or red fizy.…

How To Wean Adult Dog Poo Home

How to wean adult dog poo home

Obedient and bred dog - a great joy for the host, for which there is hard work. One of the most important rules that must absorb the dog, who lives in the apartment - this is what your doing "affairs" it is necessary only on the street. It happens that the small puppies can…

How To Treat A Budgerigar

How to treat a budgerigar

Wavy parrot - quite fragile and delicate creatures. To protect them from disease, obey the rules of care and feeding. But what do you do if your parrot still sick? Let us consider the most common symptoms of diseases.

Instruction how to treat budgerigar

Step 1:

If the parrot has become a bad sleep, constantly sat hunched,…

How To Choose A Litter Box

How to choose a litter box

Those of you who keeps a house or an apartment cat, know that the problem is serious enough kitty litter and allows you to close your eyes to it. Together, let us choose a toilet that is easy to care and you will enjoy your pet.

You will need:

- Cat litter; - Cat litter.


How To Put The Soil In The Aquarium

How to put the soil in the aquarium

Beautiful aquarium is a real decoration of any home. But the arrangement of the aquarium is hard enough, where there are no trifles - any incorrect action could lead to the death of fish and plants. One of the most important steps in the preparation of the aquarium is the choice of soil…

How To Choose A Kitten British

How to choose a kitten British

Kittens are very nice, beautiful and moving animals. They fill any home atmosphere of comfort and kindness. Today there is a huge number of offers to purchase these pets, but to choose a kitten Briton is not easy.

Instruction how to choose a kitten British

Step 1:

Decide what you want the class kitten - show,…

How To Find A Turtle

How to find a turtle

Turtles are usually lazy, slow, slow-witted animals, although it is not so. Healthy turtle quite active, mobile, especially during the breeding season. Most tortoises in nature overcomes great distances. And cleverness turtles give shape to many rodents. When choosing a turtle, be careful - some unscrupulous sellers can slip you a sick animal. To find among…

How To Build A House For A Dog

How to build a house for a dog

Each four-legged friend must be a place in the house. Maybe it will be at the door mat or pad on the room sofa, soft fur, or house large winter doghouse? Whichever option chosen or host a pet, you need to carefully consider all the details and ensure that the dog more comfortable…

How To Increase Milk Yield

How to increase milk yield

problem of reducing yields of milk most acute in the autumn-winter period, when the number of green fodder and reduced grazing stops. To increase the amount of milk a cow is necessary to feed and maintain.

Instruction how to increase yield

Step 1:

At a time when it is impossible to provide a cow to graze right…

False Pregnancy In Dogs

False Pregnancy in Dogs

Dogs are prone to the phenomenon of false pregnancy. This bitch behaves as if it really was pregnant. To distinguish the false from the true condition is not so easy at times to clarify the situation can not do without reference to the vet.

Instruction false pregnancy in dogs

Step 1:

A few weeks after estrus in dogs…

Why Fish Die

Why fish die

How often the joy of buying such a beautiful, almost fantastical creatures as aquarium fish is replaced by bitterness because of their death in the first few days or even hours after the settlement. It would seem, and able to take to the house neat, and the aquarium carefully prepared in advance. What's the matter?

Aquarium fish are…

How To Pacify The Enraged Cat

How to pacify the enraged cat

Cats, like humans, can not be in a better mood and even experience irritation. More often than not leads to the manifestation of anger fear surroundings. To pacify the cat in such a situation, it is necessary to behave in a certain way.

Determine the cause of one of the most common causes of fear…

How To Distinguish The Female From The Male Swordtail

How to distinguish the female from the male swordtail

Platypus is one of the most popular aquarium fish. Such an unusual name, these fish got out of the lower elongated rays on the caudal fin, resembling a sword. To distinguish the floor of the Sword is problematic, but possible.

Instruction how to distinguish male from female swordtail

Step 1:

Look at the…

Why Do People Love Cats

Why do people love cats

Most of the cats living in urban apartments, never seen mice. They sharpen their claws on the sofas and wallpaper, scatter filler, stealing meat from the table ... and in compensation they merely enable a person to love yourself. And sometimes paid in kind. Why are people so fond of cats that are on the uneven,…

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