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How To Catch The Loach

How to catch the loach

Eel - unusual and unpretentious to the habitats of fish, so it is quite common in our country. To meet this fish can be in ponds, lakes or small rivers, usually heavily overgrown with grassy vegetation. Her body in shape is more like a snake and for most anglers creates disgusting impression. However, in cooking eel…

How To Wean Cat Shit In The Stairwell

How to wean cat shit in the stairwell

Classics of the genre: dark dilapidated staircase, smelling of cat feces ... Unfortunately, cats can take a crap in a quite comfortable and grand. How to wean the animals celebrate natural needs in the stairwell?

Instruction how to wean cat shit in the stairwell

Step 1:

If this is your cat (or cat), take it…

How To Choose A Pair Of Parrot

How to choose a pair of parrot

For the full social contact of communicating with a person home budgies enough. Therefore, sooner or later, the owner of a parrot male thinks about purchasing female, and vice versa. The task is complicated by the fact that these birds choose a mate, guided by not only the instinct of procreation, but also personal…

How To Treat Gastritis In Dogs

How to treat gastritis in dogs

Gastritis - is irritation or inflammation of the gastric mucosa. It may arise due to improper diet, swallowing solid objects that damage the gastric mucosa, against viral infections, etc. Affected dogs are usually observed vomiting, decreased appetite, diarrhea, weakness, abdominal pain. gastritis Treatment depends on the type and severity and the general state of the…

How To Treat A Parrot From A Cold

How to treat a parrot from a cold

Runny nose (rhinitis) in budgerigars happens often. It may not only be the result of improper care of the bird, but a symptom of a terrible infection. In any case, the treatment parrot follow all doctor's recommendations.

Instruction how to treat a parrot from a cold

Step 1:

Inspect the bird. A healthy parrot…

Why Cats Are Afraid Of Water

Why cats are afraid of water

Cats are hostile to the water - it's a well-known fact. In fact, to wash your pet, the owner spends a lot of time and effort, but it still runs the risk of eventually get scratched from his sharp claws. For all that, cats swim well and it has a lot of evidence. So why…

How To Teach A Parrot To Talk

How to teach a parrot to talk

Parrots - cheerful and sociable pets, which bring joy into our lives and love. Many factories to parrot, dreaming that he pleased all the mansions houses not only funny tweets, but it is human communication. And it's real! It is necessary to show patience and diligence and to remember a few rules on how…

What Do You Call A Little Dog

What do you call a little dog

When the house there is a dog, the first thing the owner faces - is the choice of name. Small dogs need to choose a nickname, it is allocated to a dog from among their relatives. If possible, elevated him, compensate due to the sonorous name of its low growth, and sometimes fragile physique.…

Cat Breeds: Scottish Fold

Cat breeds: Scottish Fold

The first mention of cats from China met with hanging ears for a long time, but in Scotland in 1961, there was the progenitor of the modern Collie folds with the characteristic form of the ears. In England, this breed does not become diluted due to genetic characteristics, so the main work on the crossing with British…

How To Teach A Parrot To Swim

How to teach a parrot to swim

Many parrots are very fond of swimming. If you want your pet regularly and gladly take water treatments, it is necessary to know how to teach a bird to the water.

Instruction how to teach a parrot to swim

Step 1:

The very first thing you need to learn the owner of a parrot -…

Kiwi Bird: What A Miracle Of Nature

Kiwi Bird: What a miracle of nature

Kiwi - Bird, which has an unusual appearance and strange habits of birds. The famous zoologist William Calder called "honorary mammals" of these birds. If you are lucky enough to see this strange creature, most likely you will long remember this meeting.

Kiwi bird shape his body resembles a chicken home without a tail.…

How To Prepare For The Exhibition Siberian

How to prepare for the exhibition siberian

For some people, Siberian cat is a gentle pet. Others give birth to these beautiful graceful animals to create a successful show career. To take a prize at the exhibition, the owner must carefully prepare your pet for this important and responsible event.

Instruction how to prepare for the exhibition siberian

Step 1:

Start the…

How To Feed Turkeys

How to feed turkeys

Turkeys - the largest poultry - with proper fattening can reach a weight of 17-20 kg, turkeys - 9-11 kg. The meat of this bird is very useful, as rich in proteins and contains a small amount of fat and cholesterol.

Instruction how to feed turkeys

Step 1:

Many people mistakenly believe that the turkeys need to be…

What To Feed A Cat: The Cat Recipes Of Dishes

What to feed a cat: the cat recipes of dishes

pets Landlords prefer store-bought fodder (dry and wet) in the majority only because of the time savings. After all, natural food for cats is not worse but not better forage premium. It turns out that each owner decides what to feed your cat only in terms of the availability of free…

How To Train A Kitten To A Dog

How to train a kitten to a dog

Cat and dog in the same house - it is a possible combination. Of course, the ideal option when they get into a new home at the same time. But more often it happens that a novice comes to the house, already lived-old resident. How to make the kitten accustomed to the dog?…

How To Make A Cage For Muskrat

How to make a cage for muskrat

Often beginners ondatrovody set challenging question: what is the design of the most simple and convenient cell? Reply you can: special animals do not require luxury, but still a certain comfort they need.

cage size is better to take the following: width - 70 cm; height - 40 cm; length -. 150-170 cm from…

How Not To Lose The Dog

How not to lose the dog

Dog owners sometimes do not even think that they are the favorite may be lost, because he is well-mannered, obedient and knows the place of your regular walks. Alas, it happens, it is not always the fault of the animal.

Instruction how not to lose the dog

Step 1:

Attach to your pet's collar, stainless steel…

What To Do If A Cat Is A Cat Asks

What to do if a cat is a cat asks

In your home lives a charming fluffy cat. She is very calm and affectionate, but one day the pet's behavior changes. She begins to meow loudly, rolling on the floor, taking specific positions, explicitly calling a cat. You can endure such an attack, but a month later, and even earlier "caterwauling"…

How To Distinguish Female From Male Zebrafish

How to distinguish female from male zebrafish

Zebrafish - excellent aquarium fish, unpretentious in content and completely peaceful. These fish are ideal for beginner aquarists, but many experienced breeders prefer to keep them in their aquariums to maintain species diversity. This fish is always pleasing to the eye and does not cause any trouble. be sure to learn to distinguish males…

How To Teach Your Dog Commands - & Quot; Voice & Quot ;, & Quot; Sit & Quot ;, & Quot; Lie & Quot;

How to teach your dog commands - "Vote". "Sit". "lie"

Training of any pet, it is desirable to start in puppyhood. During this period the foundations for the relationship with the dog. To teach the dog commands you can own, but the first experiment is better to start work under the supervision of an instructor-handler.

How to teach your dog to…
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