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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath In Dogs

How to get rid of bad breath in dogs

Unpleasant smell from the pet's mouth can be a serious problem for the owner, because it makes it difficult to master the normal communication with the dog. In addition, bad breath can indicate disease. Therefore, a good boss should understand and eliminate the cause of the smell as soon as possible.


How To Treat An Eye Disease In Cats

How to treat an eye disease in cats

Eye diseases in cats are quite common. With their timely detection and correctly designated veterinarian treatment, these diseases can be cured. Veterinarian, depending on the diagnosis assigns the necessary medical preparations. The most common in cats of eye diseases occur conjunctivitis, epiphora (tearing), a foreign body in the eye and eye damage.


How To Feed A Siberian Cat

How to feed a Siberian cat

Cats of various breeds differ in character, demeanor and habits. Siberian cat - a very beautiful and graceful animals, absolutely not picky and not whimsical at home. But food Siberians their owner must be treated with special attention, because natural food sources for domestic cats are generally not available.

Instruction how to feed Siberian cat


How To Distinguish Male From Female Quail

How to distinguish male from female quail

Female quail acquire in order to later provide themselves with quail eggs. But it is difficult to contain the female quail: it needs certain conditions, the heat, the constant change of feed. Therefore, for decorative purposes is better to buy a male. How to distinguish between males and females?

You will need:

female quail, quail…

Amur Tiger: What Dangers Threaten Him?

Amur tiger: what dangers threaten him?

The Amur tiger is distinguished among other species of its family of larger size. The characteristic bright color, thick and long hair, powerful body - these features allow this proud animal to adapt to life in the harsh environment of Primorye Territory. However, for a long time, the Amur tiger in danger, putting it…

As Cows Graze

As cows graze

Spring begins a hot time not only for farmers but also for breeders. They need to take care of fodder for cattle in the winter. But at the same time, it is already possible to graze cows on lush green grass. The cost of keeping cattle is greatly reduced. Normally, in small towns and villages, the owners of…

How To Cure Urolithiasis In A Cat

How to cure urolithiasis in a cat

Kidney stones - a serious disease that often ill cats of all breeds. It is expressed in metabolic disorders in the body of the animal is accompanied by inflammation of the urogenital system, the formation of stones in the kidneys and urethra. In the absence of a competent treatment can lead to death.


How To Give Vitamins For Dogs

How to give vitamins for dogs

Not all owners of pets are thinking that dogs, like humans, need a full range of vitamins. If your pet is a long time strongly fades or does not show such activity, as earlier, perhaps we should start to give him special vitamins for dogs.

Instruction how to give vitamins for dogs

Step 1:

Before you…

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of The House Pets

How to get rid of the smell of the house pets

Unpleasant side of the content in a city apartment dogs and cats is a possibility of a peculiar smell. Get rid of this problem as possible, using a normal cleaning soda.

You will need:

- soda; - Vinegar; - Spray bottle.

Instruction how to get rid of the smell of the…

How To Carry The Parrot

How to carry the parrot

Surely many people at least once in his life happened an event such as crossing. Many will give you trouble this activity, especially if you except the belongings and furniture, there are pets ,, for example, parrots, because they also have to be transported. And some advice on this matter you should come in handy.


How To Make Friends With A Kitten Cat

How to make friends with a kitten cat

You are tempted and in your home where the cat lives a long time, there was a kitten. Or maybe the kid bought specifically with tribal goals. In any case, peace and quiet in your home depends on you, and on the nature of the adult cat. The first meeting will take place…

How To Protect Against Sharks

How to protect against sharks

Some scenic spots of our planet holiday at the seaside can turn into a tragedy because of shark attacks. Such cases are rare, but they are taking place. Most often the victims of these predators are divers and surfers, as well as people who swum too far from shore. How realistic reflect the shark attack on…

How To Wean Your Dog Chew On The Wires

How to wean your dog chew on the wires

If you notice that your dog is chewing on the wire, you should make every effort to wean the animal from this dangerous habit. It may suffer not only your technique, but also a pet. If you have patience, you will surely succeed.

You will need:

- toys; - A piece of the…

How To Bring Down The Temperature Of A Cat

How to bring down the temperature of a cat

The pet can not complain of discomfort and malaise. All responsibility for the pet's health rests on the shoulders of the owner. Loving the master is closely monitoring the state of the pet and is very sensitive to the slightest change it.

Instruction how to bring down the temperature of a cat


How To Clean The Kitten'S Ears

How to clean the kitten's ears

All cats have one weakness - it is their ears. Therefore, it is essential as a preventive periodically clean them, or they can become inflamed. However, if you find a significant amount of earwax, redness or rash, then you need to contact your veterinarian.

Instruction how to clean the kitten's ears

Step 1:

Ears of any…

How Can I Keep A Horse

How can I keep a horse

On horses easy to watch, but to care for them is not easy. Proper care of and promotes good mood horse. A wrong action can cause the animal discontent and even serious diseases. So, how do you properly maintain the horse?

You will need:

horse stables, bedding: straw, sawdust, peat, water, hose, water

Instruction how to…

How Do You Know That The Cat Is Pregnant

How do you know that the cat is pregnant

Many owners do not know anything about cats how to proceed should a pregnancy their furry favorite. Not all of them will be able to determine, this is the pregnancy occurred after mating with a cat or did not. In fact, to understand that the cat will soon become a mother is…

How To Treat Colds A Parrot

How to treat colds a parrot

Colds parrots does not occur very rarely. Call it could draft or too low temperature in the apartment. His eyes begin to tear the birds, there are nasal discharge. There may be other symptoms - shivering bird, feathers her bristle. Parrot often lose appetite. We must try to call the vet. But doctors who know…

Why Fish Lay Millions Of Eggs

Why fish lay millions of eggs

The fact that some species of fish are able to set aside up to several million eggs per spawn is considered common knowledge. But what do you need so many eggs?

Most fish species do not burden the care of the offspring. Gathered at spawning, the females just release the egg into the water, and…

How To Teach Your Dog To Walk Beside

How to teach your dog to walk beside

Walking the dog in the city, public transportation, your pet participate in the competition is impossible without habituation to the team, "Next." And the dog must obey the master flawlessly under all circumstances.

Instruction how to teach your dog to walk beside

Step 1:

Begin each session with a dog to walk for…

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