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How To Treat Wounds In Cats

How to treat wounds in cats

Cats, especially walking on the street, often injured: scratches, bites, cuts. With pocus, deep cuts, severe frostbite better to consult a veterinarian. Minor injuries can be treated at home, to once again not to irritate the animal clinic visit.

Instruction how to treat wounds in cats

Step 1:

Gently and firmly secure the cat with the…

Terms Of Care For Bassett

Terms of care for Bassett

Bassett are a friendly breed, they get along very well with children. They are very observant and curious, so these dogs are very interesting. Bassett Healthcare in a stable, but your pet to be comfortable - it is necessary to observe some rules of detention.

1. Litter. The first thing you need to before the advent…
How To Make A Bird Feeder

How to make a bird feeder

With the arrival of spring in the city streets were our feathered friends. In the city of the birds is not easy to provide themselves with food, so some of us help them - are building feeders, birdhouses, just fed on the street. Feeders can be seen on almost every tree in the park. Someone…

Why Jellyfish Sting

Why jellyfish sting

Jellyfish are very old establishment, they live on the earth for more than 650 million years. These amazing animals appeared before the dinosaurs and sharks. Some species of jellyfish can live in fresh water. Usually, except that these creatures sting hurt, people do not know about them.

On the edges of the body are located jellyfish tentacles with…

How To Teach A Young Horse

How to teach a young horse

Despite the fact that horses can be quite easy to develop conditioned reflexes, horse training - a difficult task that requires attention, patience and a good knowledge of the behavior of the animal.

You will need:

- ammunition; - Treat.

Instruction how to train a young horse

Step 1:

The easiest way to train a horse three…

How To Catch A Sable

How to catch a sable

Sable - Russia's most valuable fur animal. This species is included in the International Red Book, so trapping sable now strictly regulated, though, thanks to timely measures, the population of these animals has been steadily increasing.

Instruction how to catch a sable

Step 1:

You get a special permit, a license to capture sable in the hunting…

How To Calm The Dog

How to calm the dog

Dog owners faced with a difference in the behavior of males and females. Basically, it affects your interest in dogs of the opposite sex. Males very rapidly react to the presence of nearby technyh females and is primarily manifested in disobedience and aggressive behavior. There are several ways to prevent this behavior.

Instruction how to calm…

How To Teach The Command

How to teach your team "give paw"

Teach your pet's team "give paw", You kill two birds at once. First, you'll be able to brag to your friends that you have such a clever dog. Secondly, it will be easier to inspect a dog paw, if it will hurt them, or when it will be necessary to cut the claws or…

How To Teach A Kitten Has A Bowl

How to teach a kitten has a bowl

In most cases, the question of how to train a kitten to eat from a bowl, there with the kids, who are under a month. In this age of the kittens is hard to perceive that it wants them to master, accustomed to the mother's milk. Help the kitten is possible, but it…

How To Cut The Beak Of A Parrot

How to cut the beak of a parrot

Often breeders of parrots, regardless of the breed faced with the question of increasing the beak of the animal or its deformation and its subsequent trimming. Well, when the veterinary clinic nearby and you can always ask for help, but what to do when veterinarians are not near? If you do not know…

How To Measure The Growth Of A Parrot

How to measure the growth of a parrot

We all know from childhood that parrots easily can measure the length of a boa constrictor. And even remember that one well familiar to all the boa has a length of 38 parrots. A measure of how a parrot?

You will need:

Ordinary centimeter ruler or tape

Instruction how to measure the growth of…

How To Distinguish Male Neon

How to distinguish male neon

Neon Fish - decoration of any aquarium. They chase each other, shimmering in the light, and will not leave anyone indifferent to their games and acrobatics. If you are going to breed these fish is likely no problems this will cause, because they completely unpretentious and easy to reproduce at home. It is only important to…

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff In Cats

How to get rid of dandruff in cats

Animals, like humans, sometimes there is dandruff, which gives concern as itching. To cope with the problem as possible, reviewing diet cat food, as well as through a series of procedures aimed at moisturizing the skin.

You will need:

- vitamin supplements; - Burdock or olive oil; - Series; - Shampoo with zinc and…

How To Make The Puppies Pedigree

How to make the puppies pedigree

Pedigree - Dog important document that not only confirms its origin, but also opens the door to the domestic and international exhibitions. Without issuing pedigree no dog is allowed in professional pedigree breeding.

You will need:

The regular and stuffed puppy metric.

Instruction how to make the puppies pedigree

Step 1:

If you decide to register pedigree…

How To Drain The Water From The Aquarium

How to drain the water from the aquarium

Under normal circumstances, the owner usually change the water in the aquarium. This is required under the terms of the content of many fish species. The need for a complete change of water occurs rarely - for example, when it is necessary to disinfect or repair the aquarium itself. it is not recommended…

How To Get Rid Of The Cat Smell In The Apartment

How to get rid of the cat smell in the apartment

It is believed that the smell of cat urine is ineradicable, and get rid of it is unreal, but it is just a myth, with no evidence - eliminate bad "fragrance" quite possible.

You will need:

- iodine solution - lemon juice, - hydrogen peroxide - potassium permanganate, - vinegar.


How To Feed A Puppy Spaniel

How to feed a puppy spaniel

Spaniels - hunting dogs, so the first days of the appearance of the puppy in your home, you should know that you are the future grow restless and inquisitive hunters, and for its normal growth and development is necessary to proper feeding. Puppy diet should be balanced and diverse. It should not overeat, and obtain…

How To Make Decorations For The Aquarium

How to make decorations for the aquarium

Using aquarium as unusual and original interior of the subject assumes and unconventional decoration. But decorations for aquariums, commercially available, are not encouraging either quality or price. If you want to create a really unique underwater world in the apartment, you have to work with their hands. Fortunately, to make decorations for the aquarium…

How To Distinguish The Gender Of Goldfish

How to distinguish the gender of goldfish

Goldfish - decoration for any aquarium. Some believe that the care of them is very simple, but in fact there are several nuances that require special study. One of these issues - breeding. How to find out the sex of this kind of aquarium fish?

Instruction how to distinguish the gender of goldfish

Step 1:…

As Rabbits

As rabbits

Rabbits - is, as we all know, is not only valuable fur, but also dietary digestible meat. If you decide to make an on the farm mating rabbits, it should be done according to certain rules.

Instruction how rabbits

Step 1:

Perform mating at the right time of the day. In the spring and summer is better to do it…

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