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Stuffing for discus: Cooking basics

Discus are among the most beautiful aquarium fish. No wonder this kind is called "the king of the aquarium." Nutrition is the most important factor, which is crucial for growth, development, reproduction and health of the discus.

Stuffing for discus: Cooking basics

Power discus should be as balanced. Five components such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins that are needed by this fish, as well as any other animals and humans.

You can buy ready-made food for discus in a specialty store, but anyone can own and think about and prepare a feast for the fish. All the necessary nutrients can include beef, which will need to prepare veal heart, sea bass (cod), unpeeled shrimp, squid, garlic, bell pepper, frozen spinach (nettles). All of these components need to scroll through a meat grinder and add the dried nettle, carrot juice, mustard powder and vitamins undevit to be crushed to a powder. In addition, you can also add a dedicated feed for discus.

To prepare about 1.5 kg of minced require 250 g of beef heart (clean from fat and veins), shrimp, squid (can be used as raw and cooked), sea bass or cod (use defrosted fillets). These ingredients are the basis for the stuffing discus. You can add 250 grams of carrots (rubbed on a fine grater). Spinach or nettle need about 200 g Garlic requires two cloves. Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc. These proportions sufficient vitamins undevit 6. You can also add one boiled egg (rub on a grater). As mentioned above, these components need to mince.

The resulting consistency should be put in a bag and freeze. Once finished beef is frozen, it can get and advance cut into small portions. This Handstitched beef contains everything necessary for the healthy development of the discus. From time to time, you can change the composition of a few. For example, you can add the pumpkin puree and a raw egg to the main ingredient of meat.

Adult discus enough to feed 2-3 times a day, little bit more often.