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Terms of care for Bassett

Bassett are a friendly breed, they get along very well with children. They are very observant and curious, so these dogs are very interesting. Bassett Healthcare in a stable, but your pet to be comfortable - it is necessary to observe some rules of detention.

Terms of care for Bassett 1. Litter. The first thing you need to before the advent of the baby in the house - a cozy place to prepare for it. At Bassett on the slippery floor legs sprawled out in all directions, and therefore incorrectly formed legs and fingers. Cover the floor a large cloth or newspapers. The puppy will be comfortable to run, and the legs will not disperse when driving. Bedding should be washed 2-3 times a day, 3-4 times newspapers changed daily with new ones. Keep an eye on the baby, so he did not eat his litter and newspapers. Beds to sleep arrange on a small hill, in a secluded place without drafts. 2. Feeding. Start from the beginning to feed the puppy. First of all, set the bowl with a slightly higher belt dog food and water. Let a little puppy pulls for food, not tilted. The first two months feed basset recommended 6 times a day. In the morning let your puppy cheese, mixed with a raw egg or milk porridge (buckwheat, rice, wheat, oat). In the morning diet is good to add minerals to the growth of young dogs, which can be bought in veterinary pharmacy. The second feeding is about 11 hours of the day feed the puppy porridge, cooked in meat broth. The porridge can also add grated fresh carrot. At 2pm feed the puppy and nabuhschim soaked dry food for dogs. Feed can be soaked in hot boiled water in a warm and kefir. At 16.00 cook vegetable stew - cut into small pieces potatoes, carrots, squash, beets and boil. In the fifth-feeding at 6 pm Prepare soaked dry food. The 20-21 hour feed the puppy raw meat with a small amount of raw and cooked vegetables. 3. Vaccination. The first vaccines are Bassett and a half months. Until that time, output puppy to walk on the street can not. With antigelmetikov spend worms prevention, and after 10 days, go to the vaccine. Antigelmetik let the morning before eating and after 4-5 hours - activated carbon. It will help bring the remnants of worms from the body. Sometimes the worms are already conducting prevention breeders, so check when you buy a puppy, what procedures were carried out and what vaccinations have done Bassett. List of vaccines prompt you to the veterinary station, but it will definitely be vaccinated against distemper, enteritis, hepatitis, adenoviroza, parvogrippa rabies. 4. Health and care. After all vaccinations done the puppy on the street and walk as much as possible with him. This breed of dog is very prone to obesity, so exercise should be enough. Trim the dog's nails with special nail clipper. Puppy's ears clean every ten days with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. Combing basset do not need to wash frequently is not recommended. After the street wipe the dog's paws and fur with a damp soft cloth. If basset bred fleas - use a collar or drops on the withers. Protect dogs from hypothermia. Do not walk long in cold weather or rain. 5. Training. If you do not seek to make a dog exhibition, it is enough to 2 to 4 months to teach your puppy basic commands: "To me". "boo". "A place"And otklikaniyu to the nickname. And most importantly - do not be afraid to consult with veterinarians and breeders - they are happy to help you grow a healthy basset!