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What do you call a bunny

Have a cute fluffy bunny at home - is an understandable desire. And if a person does not want to limit yourself plush pets, you should think about how to make a living little animals. Unfortunately, in captivity real rabbit out of the forest is unlikely to take hold, but the decorative rabbit - it is. But the rabbit, like any other pet, first of all, you must choose an appropriate name.

What do you call a bunny

Instruction how to call bunny

Step 1:

Look closely at the acquisition rabbit. Think, what name would you like to call it now. Often nicknamed the animal comes to my mind spontaneously - is trust this first impression, if it is you, of course, appeared.

decorative rabbit to call

Step 2:

Take a good look at your pet. Maybe he has some distinctive features, eye-catching, like specks, unusual colors, unusual shapes of ears or nose, eye color. Often such details suggest, how to name the animal. The reason for the choice of nicknames and can serve as the color of the animal. For example, the black rabbit quite logically be called Chernyshev, and red - Ryzhikov.

Step 3:

Observe nature and habits of the rabbit - it can also help you to choose the name. Mobile, active animal can be called Scamp, sluggish - Tikhonov. You can consider a variety of options such nicknames.

Step 4:

There are many well-known cartoon characters rabbits that were rabbits. You can call your rabbit in their honor. For example, will you live Bugs Bunny or Roger or Humpty. Why not options for nicknames your rabbit?

Step 5:

If you want to give the rabbit a human name, just pick the most lovely for you. You may want to call a rabbit in honor of his favorite actor, singer, athlete, or even a best friend. Some call their pets even after favorite football teams, so that here there is a huge scope for the imagination.

Step 6:

Visit specialized sites and forums that talk hosts rabbits. Surely there you will find a special topic of the nicknames. There you can see a list of existing nicknames or ask for help with the choice of a name for your pet.