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What do you call a puppy Chihuahua

Small, but surprisingly charming, wise and fearless - it's all about Chihuahuas. Cheerful disposition, heartwarming appearance and mischievous behavior this ensured lapdog universal love. Chihuahua is the most ancient breeds of dogs out of pocket, is considered even their extraterrestrial origin. Of course, this pet name must be chosen in consultation only with himself.

What do you call a puppy Chihuahua

Instruction how to call Chihuahua puppy

Step 1:

When choosing a name for a small, but brave and loyal friend, do not forget to check whether it liked puppy chihuahua. Of the several options you have spoken, the dog may respond to a nickname that she would have to "hearing" and the like. Of course, you pet's name, too, should like and be straightforward in its pronunciation. It is best perceived by nicknames, consisting of one or two syllables.

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Step 2:

Do not scream and do not say unnatural voice when you call names for a Chihuahua. In puppy thin ears, and a small favorite of well hear what you utter it. Dogs respond well to short-sounding nicknames. On Web sites devoted to the animals, you can find thousands of examples of pet names. You need to select a few, and finally determined already with a puppy.

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Step 3:

If you noticed a particular reaction to pet any one nickname - welcome barking, tail twisting active, select this option and continue reading the entire list. Perhaps, the puppy will be happy to accept any proposed his name. But if a number of greatly reduced, say your favorite dog's name again. Choose the best option and do not forget your pet constantly call the same name.

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Step 4:

To teach a puppy Chihuahua in these sounds before speaking nicknames stroke the dog or give her a biscuit. This will encourage obedience and intelligence kid.

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Step 5:

Beckons to her puppy. When he comes, encourage him for intelligence. Do not be impatient if the dog did not immediately run to you. Chihuahua catch your bad mood and irritability, and eventually his name will be associated with your puppy in anger. As a result, it will linger even longer.

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Step 6:

What names can go a little doggie with active touching your eyes? When you look at this miracle just remember Disney fawn Bambi. Fairy tales and ancient legends will give you space for imagination, because there live zealous gnomes, hobbits daring and mysterious elves are not very tall.

Step 7:

Of course, no matter how sonorous nor was the name Shrek, Fierce, Hulk or Polkan, call your baby so not worth it.