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What do you call a white kitten - boy

If you need to give the nickname white male kitten and do not want to resort to the traditional "Snowball" and "Fluffy", you can stretch a little memory or dream.

What do you call a white kitten - boy

Instruction how to call a white kitten - boy

Step 1:

Remember edible things white, their name can be used as nicknames kitten, especially if the animal has a strong constitution. The main thing that was masculine noun, so "candy" not good at all. But perfectly suited Tags: marshmallows, dumplings, dumplings, refined, kefir, yogurt, ice cream.

What do you call a cat

Step 2:

Play around with the foreign word for "white". For example, everyone knows the word "white" is easily transformed into the nickname "Whitey." To give the name mystery kitten or reflect some aspects of his character, you can use Estonian "valge", Hungarian "fehér", Danish "hvid", Lithuanian word "balta" or more understandable Spanish "blanco" or the French "blanc". All of these foreign words translated as "white."

how to call a black cat boy

Step 3:

Take advantage of online translators and try to find interesting words in foreign languages, means "ice", "Snow" and other white and cool concepts.

how to call black kitten boy

Step 4:

Think about what other items are white. Kitten can be named Mel, Marble, Ceiling, Cardboard, Pearls, dandelion. You can also use the names of white animals, such as "snow leopard" - a snow leopard.

both can be called normal white cat

Step 5:

Come up with a nickname, opposite in meaning to the word "white", "light". You can give the name of the kitten Sooty and Black Star, but be prepared for the fact that everyone will ask you endless questions about why you gave this nickname kitten.

cat is best to start

Step 6:

If you are a fan of any winter sport, you can call your kitten cute name you champion. For example, a good nickname will Ole Einar Ayner (Norwegian biathlete) or Lasse Kukkonen (Finnish hockey). Scandinavian names sound funny at all, but not everyone will understand the connection between white kitten and a winter sport, however, the main thing - that you liked and fluffy baby.