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What do you call an elephant

Elephants do not keep the house in our latitudes, while in Africa or India, it is considered commonplace. Coming up with the name of the elephant usually have employees zoo. It is hard to imagine that someone settled at home is a huge animal and is now an urgent need to determine the choice of name. However, for the oligarchs such a luxury is readily available. In general, for those who have recently got a new bishop, will be useful following ideas.

What do you call an elephant

Instruction how to name the elephant

Step 1:

Poll. Often zoos that get an elephant, do not want to choose a name. They are usually carried out a survey among the visitors. As a rule, the name and other new animals choose "the whole world". Polls can be conducted on the website of the zoo, to distribute the questionnaire at the entrance. By the way, the printed questionnaire must not forget then somehow muster.

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Step 2:

Pick an ordinary human name. For example, an elephant at the zoo called Ekaterinburg Daria. Zoo received it as a gift. One of the Permian elephant named Johnny, American style.

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Step 3:

What are the elephant in honor of literary, cinematic or cartoon character. For example, you can call the elephant Dumbo, after the hero of the cartoon of the same name.

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Step 4:

You can call the elephant in honor of his famous relatives. The truth would be nice to find out at first, but what it became famous, entered the history of the elephant? Indeed, many elephant "celebrities" were either executed or died in an accident. The elephant Jumbo was hit by a locomotive in the Canadian town of Saint-Thomas. Asian elephant Mary was hanged for having killed a man. For the same offense it was executed and elephant Topsy. But there are elephants and "goodies" such as "pious" Indian elephant Guruvayur Keshavan.

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Step 5:

Call elephant ironic. For example, Baby or Tiny. Or it is necessary to name the name of the elephant, which he will be more appropriate in appearance? Giant, Hercules, Giant.

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Step 6:

You can call the elephant quite unusual - the nickname, which we used to holler to other pets. Funnily enough to be called an elephant balls Murzik, snow leopard, or Bobby.