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What if there was a dog dander

Dandruff can occur not only in humans but also in animals. Dogs in this regard is no exception, as they have almost no sweat glands, and skin regeneration is continuous. But this healthy little dog much, but if the process of the withering away of the skin began to happen more quickly, all the undercoat is literally covered with white scales, it is dandruff. To struggle with it it is necessary, because the appearance of dandruff may indicate that the dog's body is not all right.

What if there was a dog dander

You will need:

- The soft brush; - Moisturizing Cream for skin and coat; - Vitamin complex.

Instruction what to do if the dog appeared dandruff

Step 1:

The cause of dandruff can serve many factors, including diseases such as parasitic loss, hormonal imbalances, and various liver diseases, allergy, fungi, eczema and so on. The reason may also be a poor diet, poor grooming, and even stress. Therefore, it is desirable to show the dog to the vet, he will identify the problem and prescribe treatment. After curing the underlying disease usually disappears and dandruff, but sometimes some time need extra care; it will help in the case, if the reason is cosmetic.

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Step 2:

In most cases of dandruff in dogs is a great help as a home remedy for daily combing fur with a soft brush. This simple massage increases blood flow to the skin, making it more supple and healthy. To enhance the effect, put on the comb any moisturizer for skin and coat. But wash your dog at this time should be no more than 1-2 times a month. Do not use the means of dandruff, intended for people, you just dry your dog's delicate skin.

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Step 3:

Often problems occur with dandruff due to malnutrition, especially because of chemical preservatives and additives contained in dry animal feed. Try to give your pet more meat and vegetables, choose a good vitamin complex. This will not only help get rid of dandruff, but also improve the overall health of the animal.

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Step 4:

Dandruff can occur in dogs as a result of severe stress. The coat in this case is covered with white bloom before our eyes, and sometimes even starts to fall out. But when the stress goes, health is also rapidly returns to normal. Rapid recovery is guaranteed and if the dandruff is caused by dry air during the heating season. Helps humidifier and special wetting agents.

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