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What kind of wallpaper resistant to feline claws?

Often cats, despite existing in apartments scratching posts and cat houses are big fight fans claws wallpaper. Particularly affected are paper wallpaper. Wallpaper for painting after a short time and will remind rags. Do not expect to re-cats and if you have a desire to decorate the walls with wallpaper made from natural materials (straw, seaweed, bamboo, cloth, etc.) - this is a paradise for cats. But it is not necessary to finish the walls with sheets of polished stainless steel - fortunately, there are still ways to beautiful walls, resistant to scratching! However, kogtestoykie options are a bit more expensive than traditional ones.

What kind of wallpaper resistant to feline claws?

Instruction which wallpaper resistant to feline claws?

Step 1:

It is possible, making repairs in the apartment, decorate the corners, which is usually the cat likes to fight, decorative stone (as an option: tiles, tile), put it in an original, stages with different levels. Usually it turns out very beautiful and unusual. The method is suitable if the wallpaper cat tears up only in one place and not over the entire perimeter of the apartment. The disadvantage of this method can be called that the cat can climb higher and tear wallpaper, for example, at the level of the chair.

Decorating the walls with decorative stone

Step 2:

Instead of the usual, traditional wallpaper can be used decorative plaster with quartz particles (so-called "liquid wallpaper"). Quite a high scratch resistance coating will keep a very long time. The desire to tear the wall disappears after the first attempt. However, although these wallpaper and write as a water-resistant, but still for bathing (as washable wallpaper) they are not intended. And if suddenly, for whatever reason, you are stained wallpaper or otherwise spoiled section of the wall, you have to cut out the damaged piece and re-spreading liquid wallpaper in water to cover the same technology as they are deposited on the wall. This, in principle, can be simultaneously read and advantage. Stucco, even if the type of rough (there is smooth, but with color transitions), will not cause desire to sharpen claws, because it is the touch stone appearance.

Decorative plaster for walls

Step 3:

Most of the available budget to protect the walls of the cat vandalism options (which does not affect the quality and appearance of the walls) - vinyl wallpaper type silk screen. Cats do not even look for such wallpaper does not inspire them to fight smooth walls. Washable wallpaper cats also usually do not touch.

Wallpapers for walls - silkscreen