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5 decor ideas for your bedroom

With the help of several decorative techniques, you will be able to create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom.

5 decor ideas for your bedroom

You will need:

Cover for headboard, daybed, canopy, shade, tiebacks.

Instruction 5 decor ideas for your bedroom

Step 1:

The interior of the bedrooms one of the main components of a bed. Choosing a style of bed, you hereby given theme design the entire premises. We decorate the headboard. To select dense headboard upholstery fabrics. Of these, sew soft removable covers lined the headboard. Make winter and summer versions of covers.


Step 2:

Put into the bedroom a soft couch or settee (elegant sofa). With small size of the room - ottoman or banquette. These pieces of furniture will be organically look like in the classic interior of a bedroom, and contemporary.


Step 3:

The canopy over the bed. Not necessarily to build a complex structure, it is sufficient to use the cornices. They may be straight or semi-circular, wrought-iron, wood, with ceiling or wall. Pick up natural fabrics - linen, silk or cotton.


Step 4:

Use lights of different heights. Table, floor lamps, floor lamps, wall lamp with colored or monochromatic shades. Update your old lamp - make shade for him. You can use an existing framework obtyanuv a cloth again.


Step 5:

The perfect complement to the overall style bedrooms are tiebacks, made with his own hands. As a material pick decorative flowers, tassels and lace. In the children's bedroom are small stuffed animals, balloons and colored garlands are ideal.