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5 Persistent and undemanding houseplants

Sometimes you can hear the question: "How do I buy a plant that I have not ruined?" Of course, to destroy at the wrong care can be any plant, but some of them are very unpretentious, sometimes even comes to mind that they feed on air.

5 Persistent and undemanding houseplants

Instruction 5 resistant and undemanding houseplants

Step 1:

Sansevieriya (sansevera) One of the most unpretentious plant - sansevera, which is called in common "Teschin language". Hard like succulents, leaves retain water, which makes the plant ideally suited for those who often goes out of the house or forgets about the plant. Teschin language can exist in dry soil for quite some time. More dangerous excessive watering, which rot the root system. It should be noted that sansevera - excellent air purifier. At night, it saturates the air with oxygen.

Step 2:

Euphorbia tirucalli If your apartment is always warm - you really fit this kind of milkweed. It's kind of a little awkward plant usually grows in limited environmental comfort, so you may give up almost everything and live a long time without watering. You can create from it a sculptural form, making the crop desired. In this case, be careful, because its milky latex may have an irritating effect on your skin and eyes.

Step 3:

Tsiperus This is the plant from which the ancient papyrus produced (hence - similar name). Tsiperus needs no drainage, as naturally growing in water and is not afraid of excessive watering. If you notice that the leaves and stems become dry - cut them, and plant start up a new boom. Even when you accidentally permanently forget about watering, then you will be surprised how quickly tsiperus returns to normal.

Step 4:

Tillandsia This plant is unusual in its nature: growing on trees and rocks Tillandsia absorbs moisture through its leaves rather than through the roots. It does not require any watering devices and the soil at all. It takes basically just humidity, as in its native habitat. Just spray it from a spray every seven to ten days (if the air is dry, then 2-4 times a week). Also, this plant is not afraid of drafts and can exist in different temperature conditions, so feel free to leave it on the balcony, up until frost. Tillandsia Place in a container and sprinkle the moss.

Step 5:

Monstera delicacy If you like tropical plants with large leaves, the lush monstera - perfect for your home. Grows monstera (philodendron) in hot climates of Mexico and Guatemala. Despite the fact that in nature it absorbs a lot of sunlight in the home - quite taxing to care for. If the leaves will grow in one piece, with no cuts - just rearrange it in a lighted place. It does not need frequent watering, the soil may be even a little dry to the touch. Enough is growing rapidly and fills the space of your home. So, if you doubt that you can take good care of green pets, choose the above-mentioned plants and do not worry!