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As a chainsaw to cut down a tree

Today chainsaw - one not merely necessary, but the available tools are widely used for firewood, and for different types of landscaping works. Cut down a tree using a chainsaw quickly enough and simple, but it is very important that at the same time fulfills all safety requirements.

As a chainsaw to cut down a tree

You will need:

- chainsaw; - protective suit; - A cable winch.

Instruction as a chainsaw to cut down a tree

Step 1:

Start with a chainsaw with a verification tool. Saw should be filled with the proper fuel - a mixture of petrol with a special oil in the respective proportions (indicated in the instructions), for the chain lubrication tank must be filled with oil for chains. The chain should be of ground and tensioned, it should be with some effort rotated by hand in protective glove with the engine off. The hole in the blade bus must be free of dust for proper chain lubrication. Prepare goggles or eye shield, gloves, protective clothing.

Step 2:

Inspect the tree that you want to cut and place around it. Note the length of the wood, its natural inclination, the location of potential interference around it - trees, cars, buildings, etc. If the weather is windy, the wind power must also be borne in mind. If the direction of the wind and the natural angle of inclination of the tree coincide with the desired location of the dam of the tree, then you can start sawing without special training. If the direction of the falling tree is necessary to change, need more training - you need to create tension in the trunk in the right direction. This may be used in the cable and winch. One edge of the cable to secure the ladder as high as possible on the trunk, the other edge of the cable winch - at the ground at a distance from the tree from the desired location of the tree fall. Rotate the winch handle, creating tension in the trunk.

Step 3:

Start the saw, check its operation and braking, and then take the first horizontal propyl from the other side, which should fall tree at 1/3 the thickness of its trunk. At an angle of about 45 degrees to it is the second to form a wedge-propyl.

Step 4:

Make a little higher than the first cutting felling horizontal propyl. Propyl It should not be connected with a wedge, it is desirable to leave about 5 cm between them. At that moment, when you feel that the tree began to be filled up, you need to stop the cut and lightly push it in the desired direction. At the time of the fall of the tree need to move away from the stump.