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As a convenient way to propagate lily

The most economical and convenient way of lily breeding - a reproduction scales. So you can get a lot of new seedlings, preserving the properties of the parent plant.

As a convenient way to propagate lily

It happens that lily bulbs rodents spoil the garden, and then, often, gardeners throw them out. Even spoiled head can be used for planting, and as seed charge flakes scattered throughout the surface of the bulb. In order to get from one scales a new plant, it must be carefully separated, keeping a piece of the bottom of the stems. Separating flakes, their fungicidal be treated by any means, for example, sodium or furatsilina ash. After this the flakes are treated by means of a stimulator of growth and rooting. Thus prepared plant material should be placed in a special substrate. This can be coir or sphagnum moss. The substrate is placed in a plastic bag, moistened and placed to the scales. It is desirable that they are not touching each other. The scales are arranged in several layers, shifting their moss. Filling the package, his tie. 

2 months later on the scales will be kids, and then they will be ready for planting into the soil. Small onions are planted with scales that are still breeding base for them. Landings covered with soil in a thickness of 1 cm. Watering is carried out with warm water. Capacity, which put young onions, put closer to the light. After some time on the surface of the leaves seem, but this is not true plants, and they are not ready for landing in a ground. The next year after planting scales on the bulbs will be a good strong roots. Such seedlings are planted in the garden area, they will grow new beautiful lily.

From one flake can get up to 15 new plants.