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As a plaster slope

During repairs, there is a need for plastering window and door slopes. Typically, they are equally plastered. To perform this work yourself, you should observe the sequence of operations.

As a plaster slope

You will need:

plaster, perforated corners, beacons, generally level, trowel

Instruction as a plaster slope

Step 1:

For plaster slopes require perforated corners that will form right angles at the slopes. Beacons, which are exposed around the perimeter of the window frames and serve as guide members which during the plaster. Beacons and corners you buy at the hardware store. To prepare the solution you need to punch.

Step 2:

Prepare the surface of the slope to the plaster. Repel all that poorly kept on the surface clean of dust and moisten with water. Then close the window sill film and window frames, cover masking tape to avoid staining solution. Often change the film and adhesive tape during operation, to a primer is not able to dry under cover. Otherwise, you will NOT be able to clean the surface of the sill and frame after peel off the tape and tape.

Step 3:

Prime the slopes of the concrete-contact and let dry. While the primer dries, Prepare the perforated corners and beacons. Measure the inner side slopes, apply this yardstick to the beacons and scissors metal cut off the desired length. Also, measure and cut the outer slopes of the perforated corners.

Step 4:

Then take a dry mixture of plaster and connect it to the water, as it is written on the package. To promeshat mixture, use the hammer with a special nozzle. Allow the plaster to stand for a while and then promeshayte. The solution should not be a liquid, it must be kept on the surface.

Step 5:

Apply the plaster on the perimeter of the window frames so that it would cover the frame 1 cm. Put the sliced ​​beacon to the solution and gently push. Next, take the level of each side, and it will expose to the beacon on the leveler. While a mild solution Light can correct by pushing his or dipping into the solution.

Step 6:

Once you have established internal beacons, proceed to the outer corners. Apply a thick solution on the edge of the slope, and set it to cut perforated angle. The solution will pass through the perforation area and fix it in place. Now take the level, set it on the edge of the area and, pressing down on him, putting on the leveler. Once the design is dry, you can begin to plaster the slopes.

Step 7:

Dried out the plaster on the corner of Beacon and moisten with water. Take not a wide spatula and apply plaster derailed, spreading it on the surface. The solution should cover the entire slope area without gaps. Allow the surface to dry, and themselves go to the next slope.

Step 8:

The second layer of plaster - nakryvku, do when the plaster dries, but not dry out until the end. On such a surface will be easier to plaster. Moisten the surface of the slope with water and apply nakryvku. Then take usually 100 cm each side, to the bottom of the sill and pull the plaster mixture from the bottom up. The excess solution with a spatula, remove the rules. If somewhere in the pit turned out, add a solution and again pull rule. The upper slopes of the side to do likewise. Do not rush to the solution gets into your eyes.

Step 9:

When the plaster grips, sand the slopes rind is medium in size and prime deep penetration ground. Then remove the tape with film frames and the sill. Prepare the slopes to finishing.