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As dive plants

A pick - the separation of young plants, as the seedlings can grow too thickly after sowing. Spend it to the young plants had plenty of room for growth and development. Also at this time it is made the patients and rejection of weak seedlings. Swordplay seedlings should be carried out when each sprout appeared two - three leaves. Seated is necessary in individual pots or in large boxes.

As dive plants

You will need:

- seedling; - Earth; - Pots or large boxes; - Tweezers or a sharp peg; - Water.

Instruction how to dive plants

Step 1:

Make sure the plants have grown enough to pick. Early transplant they suffer badly. However, it is possible, in the case of certain diseases of seedlings.

Step 2:

Pour the ground with seedlings, which will swoop down, with plenty of water. This should be done immediately before you plant out plants in different boxes.

Step 3:

Prepare the pots to the ground, which will be transplanted seedlings. To do this, mix one part sand and fertile land and two parts peat. If all these components you harvested yourself, you should make sure that they are free of weed seeds. This mixture must also be good to shed water and lightly compacted.

Step 4:

Make a sharp peg in the ground or tweezers pit depth of 5-6 centimeters. Carefully separate the germ from the forceps one another, divide the required number of seedlings. You should choose only healthy and strong, but the weak better throw.

Step 5:

Put them in a pre-prepared holes and firmly press the ground. It is important to make sure that no air around the roots remain, from which they can dry out.

Step 6:

Pour the ground with plenty of water, so that it has settled. When seedlings are large, watering from the top. If germs can be easily washed out with water, then perform bottom watering. Pots put in trays and top spray water from the sprinkler.

Step 7:

For the first three or four days, until rooting occurs seedlings, boxes or pots with it put in a cool place with high humidity and provide them with protection from strong sunlight. When the seedlings take root, they can be put back on the window sill, because they still needed sunlight.

Step 8:

In the open ground Planted as soon as the street is established warm weather and the fall frost threat.