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As it is impossible to put a bed

Location bed in the room has a significant impact on sleep and well-being of its owner as a whole. And this is due to both the rational point of view, when man interferes with sleep, for example, a draft or a feeling of insecurity, and from the point of view of Feng Shui, where particular importance is the free circulation of energy flows. Therefore, if the dream does not make you a good rest, do not rush to take potent sleeping pills. Perhaps the point is that your bed is not in place.

As it is impossible to put a bed

Instruction as well as possible to put a bed

Step 1:

In no case do not put the sleigh bed to the door. It is believed that this is a bad omen, because in this way out of the room, as a rule, take out the dead. And the rules of feng shui say that this situation is unacceptable bed, because through the open door at night you can easily get into bad energy. If you put a bed in another there is no way to reduce the negative impact you can, closing the bedroom door while you sleep.

Step 2:

You can not put a bed headboard to the window. Sleeping people are absolutely defenseless and highly vulnerable. It is during sleep he ever needs support. According to Feng Shui, the window can not give a person a sense of security. Therefore, the bed is better to have a headboard to the wall.

Step 3:

Putting the bed close to the window, even if the head of it will be located near the wall, it is not recommended. And it is not even Feng Shuya. Cold air coming from the window and may cause a cold or more serious disease.

Step 4:

Do not place the bed under the wall cabinets and large chandeliers. These items can cause you anxiety and seem imperceptible to you as a potential threat. Such experiences can cause insomnia, because they will not let you relax for real.

Step 5:

Not the best place to position the bed in the room is the passage between the door and the window. According to Feng Shui, there are constantly going into motion a variety of energies that prevent restful sleep.

Step 6:

Do not place the bed in front of a mirror. This item is able to reflect any energy and send it back. And sleep is necessary for a person to relax and get rid of unneeded information, heavy thoughts, negative emotions, challenges, experiences. Mirror, located opposite the bed will reflect the accumulated per day bad energy and send it back to you. As a result, you will wake up tired and depressed.

Step 7:

Harmful radiation from a nearby TV in bed, also have a negative impact on your sleep and general condition.