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As oblitsevat stone

Natural stone is probably one of the best building materials. For facade used sandstone, slate, quartzite, limestone, granite, marble, shell and shungite. Furthermore, the construction market and provides artificial stone, it is more cheap material that is easier to stack on any surface.

As oblitsevat stone

You will need:

- natural or artificial stone; - putty knife; - Cement-sand mortar or special glue.

Instruction how oblitsevat stone

Step 1:

Before starting work on the stone wall carefully prepare the ground. If you need oblitsevat wooden surface, mount the waterproofing material, then attach to the wall plaster mesh, which apply a layer of solution of about one centimeter thick.

Step 2:

Brick or concrete walls pre oshtukaturte, if the surface has been painted, apply a notch, and then align the wall plaster solution. Allow the plaster to dry completely.

Step 3:

Then lay a stone near the surface, which will coat, make it easier to pick up the items. Alternate them by size, texture and tone.

Step 4:

Artificial stone or decorative facade tiles install on a cement-sand mortar (in a ratio of 1: 3) or a special tile adhesive. The dry mixture is diluted according to package directions.

Step 5:

Start with stone cladding installation corner elements, with alternate long and short side. On the reverse side of the covering element uniformly distribute the glue thickness of about 1.5 cm, attach to the prepared surface and press gently. If the solution has got to the front surface of the artificial stone, remove it with a clean, dry cloth after it dries.

Step 6:

A stone can be placed with and without jointing. If you choose the first option, the gap between the elements should be between 3 and 10 mm. With seamless lining stone Lay the elements from bottom to top, the upper ranks of the force it down to the bottom, trying to keep the stones had no space.

Step 7:

The next stage - jointing. She will give a more aesthetic appearance of its lining and seal, eliminating the ingress of moisture. For grouting, use the same solution, which laid the stone. Do it carefully, do not rub the solution on the surface, since it is difficult to remove.

Step 8:

After the laying of the surface cover, lined with stone, plastic wrap and incubate from 1 to 7 days prior to set the strength of the solution, which will provide a secure bond with the stone base. As soon as the clutch is dry, treat the entire surface of the rigid vinyl brush to remove dust and the remains of the solution.