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As the plaster and putty

After the erection of the walls begins the process of plaster. The main task of this process - the alignment of the surface. With fillings correct small defects and eliminate irregularities in large volume. Consumption of materials depends on the type and form of the surface which is subjected to finishing.

As the plaster and putty

You will need:

The guide rails, trowel, putty knife wide, narrow spatula, generally level, the capacity for solution, mortar, rubber gloves, a mixer for mortar, primer, putty, roller, tray for roller, brush, ladder, mesh for grinding.

Instruction how to plaster and putty

Step 1:

Spread in the prepared container mortar, just follow the enclosed instructions of the manufacturer. Mix with a mixer for mortars. The mixture should not be liquid. Align the strictly on the level of the guide beacons. Last closest to you should move away from the face of the wall by 15-30 mm. The amount applied for leveling the mixture will be focused precisely on this distance.

Step 2:

Apply from top - down a few sketches of the mixture. Reinforce the beacon. Expose beacon right on the level before the mixture dries, for which you pasted it. With the level of check horizontality beacon installation. In those places where the need for accurately adjust the level of it.

Step 3:

Next Beacon expose the same as the previous one. Do not forget that sprinkles a layer of cement mixture should not exceed 30 mm. Otherwise, a layer of plaster fall off in one piece because of its severity.

Step 4:

The angle between the base wall and the next must be equal to 90 degrees. Make sure that all angles are the same, set the next beacon. Check it out as well, with the help of level, in two ways. After mounting the beacons attach them to the wall surface. Allow the mixture to dry. It takes about 5 hours.

Step 5:

When the mixture is dry, start plastering. The surface moisten with water to mortar firmly in contact with the wall. Rub mixture on moistened trowel wall so that it filled the cracks and crevices. projection level of beacons - 2-3 mm.

Step 6:

Without giving dry, flatten mixture over the surface. Level the surface of the long and wide rule from the bottom up. Carefully apply the solution with a spatula, if it is not enough. Continue as long as the wall is level. Plastered walls need to 10 days to dry.

Step 7:

Before the wall putty, apply a primer using a roller. It prevents the formation of mold and mildew, penetrating into the smallest pores of the coating walls, and provide maximum grip putty to the wall. Pour primer into a special tray for roller. Dip the roller into the recess with a primer bath, lightly pressing the flat surface of the bath, wring excess. Apply first coat uniformly over the entire surface. In remote places operate with a brush.

Step 8:

After the primer has dried proceed to Shpatlevanie. Start putty by the angle - in the middle. In the right hand take a putty knife. Hold it like a racket for table tennis. In his left hand - a narrow trowel. The narrow spatula dial from the tank filler and stretch it to a wide spatula. Wide spatula swipe across the wall, stretching the right putty from corner - to the left. Then remove using a narrow spatula excess putty - with wide. Spend a wide spatula once again on the area which has just struck putty, removing the excess. Then shpatlyuyte portion above the previous lap.

Step 9:

When Shpatlevanie begin the middle of the wall, use a different method. Shpatlyuyte upwards and remove the excess from the top down, "drawing" wide spatula semicircles. After each movement remove the filler with a wide spatula.

Step 10:

Allow the putty to dry. Sanding with a special mesh for grinding. Re-prime the surface of the wall.

Step 11:

Perform a second filler. Apply the filler on the angle in the horizontal direction. Surplus shoot in the same direction. In the middle of the wall putty Shpatlevanie apply from right to left, and remove the excess, moving in the opposite direction. Allow to dry and can start wallpapering or painting walls.