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As the plastic ceiling sheathe

Plastic ceiling has several advantages over the same fellow oil paint. Plastic moisture-proof, and even if you flood the neighbors, you will simply dry coating. Perfectly smooth surface provides a concealment panel seams, wires or projections on the ceiling. This material is durable, easy to clean, but due to the air gap, he has excellent noise insulation characteristics. Therefore, if you need an inexpensive and high-quality ceiling sheathe its plastic panels.

As the plastic ceiling sheathe

Instruction how to sheathe the ceiling plastic

Step 1:

The first step in the work is the installation of boxes and definition of horizontal, because the ceiling-mounted with minimal skew does not live up to your expectations. To do this, measure the height of the room in every corner. Once selected the lowest angle should retreat 4-5 cm down, and using horizontal gidrouroven note.

Step 2:

Next, a paint line cord repel the level specified previously. According to the band marked, drill holes with a punch or drill through the profile for the dowels.

Step 3:

After the holes are drilled, you can insert dowels and attach the ceiling profile UD. Standard Profile does not exceed three meters, but if necessary it can be spliced ​​using special bugs.

Step 4:

Now, taut fishing line, not touching her, should strengthen the profile. Make it better with an assistant, for instance, you will align and hold the profile, and your assistant attach it to the suspension. After the profile is attached, you need to bend the hangers.

Step 5:

Upon completion of the installation frame, you can proceed to installation of plastic panels. The plastic must be secured with screws LM (bugs) at all points of contact with the profile. The panels are inserted into each other by means of special recesses. Now, upon completion of all installation work, the site of attachment of plastic panels to the profile, you can paste over the frieze.