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Basic rules of combination of colors in the interior

The importance of choosing the interior color solutions can hardly be overestimated. After all, it not only depends on the appearance of your home, but also the internal state of mind. With proper selection of colors you can choose the right mood for a particular room. With the main color is usually easy to determine. Questions arise when choosing auxiliary shades. How to properly combine colors, in order not to happen loudly defiant or excruciatingly boring?

Basic rules of combination of colors in the interior

Black combined with any colors. But the best with white, red, yellow, orange, pink and salad.

Dark blue looks great with white, green, blue, brown, red and light purple.

Blue color perfectly with white, red, pink, brown and gray.

Dark pink (fuchsia) in good company with a brown, yellow-brown and gray.

Seryytsvet - base. It goes well with red, purple, blue, pink and fuchsia.

Turquoise gives excellent combination with cream, yellow, brown, dark purple, cherry red.

Green harmony with creamy shades of white as well as yellow, orange, brown, gray and black.

Lime color is advantageous to look gray, dark blue and brown.

Purple is good in combination with white, olive, yellow, gray, orange, dark pink and purple.

Crimson color contrasts perfectly with the black and white colors.

Cherry blossom looks favorably with beige, pale yellow and shades of sand, as well as gray.

Brown comes to beige, green, pink and bright blue.

The red color is irresistible in combination with black, white, blue, yellow and brown.

Pink gently blends with the gray, olive, white, turquoise, brown and pale blue.

Orange - a bright and rich color, good in the company of black, white, blue, blue and purple.

Lemon yellow looks great with gray, blue, brown and cherry red.

Yellow tasty looks gray, black, blue, purple and violet flowers.

Pale yellow wins in combination with red, blue, purple and gray.

Beige - the most common choice for the color looks perfectly with brown, red, black, blue and emerald green. 

White, like black, combined with any colors. The most successful versions with basic colors - black, blue and red.

Now you can safely proceed to the design of your cozy nest.