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Beautiful floor – original, low cost, bright!

Paint the floor with oil paint - the most simple and budget way to update it. But do not go on about tradition and painted the floor in a boring and usual color. Let's fantasize!

Beautiful floor & ndash; original, low cost, bright!

If you still think that to paint the floor paint is very country-style, then you are sadly mistaken - Modern designers offer to paint the floor with the invention, so that an outside observer thought that on your floor worked a talented artist. Paul, painted not in the same color and stripes, patterns, it is a modern way to make the most original interior.

The easiest way - to paint the boards in different colors. Choose a theme and go! Let the floor you will be painted in the colors of spring, "a rainbow", and may be necessary to make a smooth transition by choosing one color (in style Ombre).

If you feel the artist's talent, but not yet confident in their abilities, select any simple pattern and transfer it to the floor. It is best to stay at the geometric patterns - diamonds, triangles and rectangles are the easiest to draw, so that high quality clone rapport.

how beautiful to paint the floor with oil paint

An interesting solution - use a stencil while painting the floor. Patterns that can be represented in this way, the most interesting.

how beautiful to paint the floor with oil paint

Tip: dreaming of the carpet, but do not want to clean it regularly? Draw a carpet on the floor with paint (if do not know how to draw, use stencils with floral motifs and colorful oil paints).

how beautiful to paint the floor with oil paint