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Bedroom under the laws of Feng Shui: 15 recommendations

Find out how you can transform your bedroom, and at the same time - to secure a comfortable sleep, and even change lives for the better with the help of feng shui. You do not need any accessories or eastern aids, only a willingness to change and a little effort!

Bedroom under the laws of Feng Shui: 15 recommendations

Instruction bedroom under the laws of Feng Shui: 15 recommendations

Step 1:

Keep your bedroom clean and tidy. Closed cabinets and suitable to each other furniture items will help to create a place for relaxation of body and soul. Bedroom - it's not a warehouse or dressing room, a place that should promote calmness and relaxation. Almost a third of your life you spend in sleep, so pay attention a little bedroom design!

Step 2:

The bed should stand the headboard against the wall. If this is not the case, the bed should be the head of a large (for example, from solid wood). The headboard is indicated in the symbols of Feng Shui as a turtle. Turtle (in this case, the wall behind the bed or headboard) means protecting, strengthening and security in life.

Step 3:

The wall, which is your bed, there should be no radiators or water pipes. The reason is simple: the extra noise may disturb your restful sleep.

Step 4:

The bed should not be between the door and the window, or between two windows, positioned opposite each other. In this position, the bed there is something like "Qi passage"On which leaves a favorable energy, which can adversely affect sleep.

Step 5:

Wall cabinets, shelves or heavy picture frames shall not be located directly above the headboard. This creates a pressing sensation and discomfort.

Step 6:

The bed should not be placed in such a way that the legs sleeping were sent directly to the door. As in the situation described in paragraph 4, there is an outflow of positive energy.

Step 7:

If the ceiling in your bedroom has beamed ceilings, the bed can not be placed directly below them. They can act as a sword of Damocles, creating a sense of threat. If in another bed to put it is impossible, place a canopy over the bed.

Step 8:

Avoid sharp corners and edges. Place the bed so that no sharp corners were not aimed at you, or correct it using respectively straddling furniture and sharp angles close something or plaid blankets. Sharp angles are considered in feng shui unfavorable factor.

Step 9:

The bed can be placed in the attic just in case, if the height of the attic as a man, and you do not have to bend down, as otherwise a feeling of discomfort.

Step 10:

Do not pick a circular bed, in terms of Feng Shui, it has a bad effect on family relationships.

Step 11:

Mirror should not be in front of your bed. Constant reflection sleeping man creates excess energy and activity that interfere with normal sleep.

Step 12:

Potted plants in the bedroom are not appropriate, since, in most cases, they also bring to the bedroom activity that interferes with rest and relaxation.

Step 13:

Bedroom - a place of tranquility, so you need to darken it with heavy curtains. Sleep associated in feng shui predominantly Yin Qi (nourishing qi), which manifests itself, inter alia, in the silence, darkness and tranquility.

Step 14:

Use softer colors in the bedroom. Bright red and juicy greens are inappropriate in most cases. Choose a neutral color or the color of unsaturated colors.


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