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Cancellation overhaul

If your house decided to overhaul, and you did it in his apartment much earlier, it is possible to abandon it. But we must remember that in case of failure of the overhaul you unwittingly take on a huge responsibility.

Cancellation overhaul

Instruction how to refuse overhaul

Step 1:

First, representatives of the management company bypass the house, inform the residents about the upcoming renovation and in response to want to get their consent. But if you decide to give it up, no one will be forced. You will need to simply sign the relevant documents on the refusal to provide the company's employees.

Step 2:

Even if you refused overhaul, obstruct the work of the common house property, which includes the risers water, heating and sanitation, you have no right. The representative of the management company is entitled to apply to the courts and get the legal right to access your apartment.

Step 3:

Refusing repair of common house property is not recommended, because it can happen that you will be without heating and water supply. The reason for this may be the lack of technical possibilities of the use of old and new equipment. In addition, all work on the replacement of pipes carried out by the management company, and you have no right to require even a penny.

Step 4:

If you are sure that your old tube twenty years can do without major repairs, you can give up their complete replacement. In this case, you will have to sign a waiver. In these documents there is usually a clause stating that in case of a breakthrough pipes or any other emergencies in your apartment, you will be required to fully indemnify all the victims fault of your own tenants.

Step 5:

In some cases, the Management Company may enter into documents Overhaul of one small, but very unpleasant place. In that case, if the municipal accident happens in those apartments, the owners of which was signed by the rejection of the repair, to pay for the elimination of the consequences will have to absolutely everyone living in this building. So think carefully before signing the act on the refusal of the overhaul of your apartment.